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Laser Pointer Reviews

400mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Pen Kit Starry Sky Beam Light Zooming

Date Added: April 14,2018 by Kadri

Wow, it can easily catch. It is very powerful while only needs one battery for supply. And the aluminum-made case is lightweight, durable and has an up-market appearance, with a simple button switch for convenient use.

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300mW Professional Green Laser Pointer Suit

Date Added: April 13,2018 by Gordon S***

It was really amazing to buy one to try to light the ignition. It was just a few seconds later. It was fun, but still I thought I should buy another pair of glasses to protect my eyes.

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200mW 532nm High Power Green Laser Pointer Pen

Date Added: April 11,2018 by Leo

This is a good guide for your traveling, always widely used it to point at the faraway target or stars. This green laser pointer is also the best gift for friends and families, Can't believe this price can buy such a good laser pointer.

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2000mW 405nm Focus Pure Blue Beam Light Laser Pointer Pen with 16340 Rechargeable Battery

Date Added: April 10,2018 by Michael

I think this one is good than my green laser order by other shop, like it.

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10000mW 450nm 5-in-1 Blue Beam Light Laser Pointer Pen Kit

Date Added: April 09,2018 by Mike M***

The glasses frame was broken when it arrived.The seller re-shipped a new one for me immediately.After waiting for about 7 days,I received new glasses and then tested the laser.To be honest,I wasn't expecting to love this laser as much as I do, but was surprised at how wonderful it is.This laser has many cool light patterns,making me fondle admiringly.

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500MW Beam Green Laser Pointer Black

Date Added: April 08,2018 by Jeremiah G***

Much brighter than what I expected it to be. But it only worked perfectly for five minutes.Recharged the battery until the light on charger showed green. I don't think supplied batteries are durable.I bought extra two sets of 18650 batteries. Give more feedback later.

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5000mW 450nm Blue Laser Pointer Pen Single-point

Date Added: April 07,2018 by Oni A***

The box was damaged when it arrived,batteries were installed in the laser already.I put them out and re-charged for several hours,and then tested the laser,amazing!First purchase from this seller,satisfied.

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2000mW 450nm Blue Laser Pointer Pen Kit Burning 5-in-1 Beam Light Black

Date Added: April 06,2018 by Sara G***

Got it,strong enough to light a match in a few seconds.Also,super-bright beam light can shine far away.

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1000mW 650nm Red Laser Pointer Pen Beam Light Single-point

Date Added: April 05,2018 by kenneth n***

It seems that the laser was opened,maybe it happened when customs security.The light is not really tight but never mind,it works fine.

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50mW 650nm Ultra Mid-open Red Laser Pointer

Date Added: April 04,2018 by Aone S***

Thank you so much for your extremely fast delivery.Got my laser within 5 days,amazing!The laser looks in good quality,I will see how it performs,and then give you more reviews.

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Laser 301 500mw Green Light High Power Laser Pointer Kit Black

Date Added: April 02,2018 by jimmy h***

The 301 green laser arrived today in good condition.I have tested it,much brighter than my other color lasers,fantastic!

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100mW 405nm Mid-open Blue-violet Laser Pointer

Date Added: April 01,2018 by mark s***

Excellent value for money. They are definitely no toys but are perfect for demonstration purposes.

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1000mW 638nm Red Laser Pointer One Mode Waterproof Crude Linear Spot Style Light

Date Added: March 31,2018 by Kathy M***

To my surprise, this laser pen has a very good texture and is very luminous. Strong light feeling can wear everything, especially the red laser, a kind of infrared that is the visual sense. Cool!

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100mW 532nm Mid-open Fixed Focus Green Laser Pointer

Date Added: March 29,2018 by Louis F***

I bought this laser to see what it can do. The price is very low and the quality of the product is amazing. The green laser is very bright and clear. I'm very statisfied and also very surprised by this product.

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10mW 532nm Half-steel Green Laser Pointer Pen

Date Added: March 28,2018 by Lyle H***

The laser is only a bit bigger than a normal pen. easy to bring everywhere. Bright green light.

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2000mW High Power Attacked Head Green Light Laser Pointer

Date Added: March 27,2018 by Kirk B***

Powerful and well built. Fun to use in vacations. Thw powerful green beam is clearly vissible in the daylight and it makes a beautiful line in the night sky. Buyed for about 8 months and I've not had the issue with the button, but I handle it with care. At this price range, this pointer is a very good choice for having fun.

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6000mW 450nm 5 in 1 Blue Superhigh Power Laser Pointer Pen Kit

Date Added: March 26,2018 by Janice M***

Ok, so this unit has a cheaper diode and an acrylic optics, however for the price, it's well worth it. You can totally get a glass lense for like 15 bucks. The case, batteries, charger, and the unit itself is worth way more than what this thing costs... It's a pretty powerful laser too. if you want more, install another diode into the pen itself. Which by the way, the pen is pretty nice looking, descent quality fabrication.

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200mW Professional Blue Laser Pointer Suit

Date Added: March 16,2018 by Benjamin

i never expect that this laser light could produce a very2 strong light. it is just like lightsaber. very cheap with a high quality

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10000mW 450nm 5-in-1 Blue Beam Light Laser Pointer Pen Kit

Date Added: March 14,2018 by Edwin S***

Received in good condition. Blue light is actually purple, a bit dim. Overall good for the price.

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300MW Professional Red Light Laser Pointer with Box (CR123A Lithium Battery) Black

Date Added: March 13,2018 by Kastel s***

The laser pointer pen is a great value as well as a great tool. I use it in trainings, so I don't have to get fingerprints on a person's screen. It is also handy when giving presentations on a projector screen.

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