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UKing ZQ-J32 500mw 532nm&650nm Green&Red Double Light laser Pointer CE FCC ROHS FDA

Date Added: January 14,2019 by Arvind Vairavan

I'm very happy with the first laser pointer I bought online.It looks beautiful.Obviously it's of great quality.I'd like to recommend it to my friends.

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3000mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Pen 4-Mode Zoomable

Date Added: January 12,2019 by rolando fuentes

I received my laser pointer a few days ago.Thanks for your quick delivery.It looks like a flashlight.It emits super bright beam of green light,so far very good.

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FIERCE UKing ZQ-j12 1000mW 638nm Red Beam Zoomable Laser Pointer

Date Added: January 11,2019 by Joshua Vollmar

I just received the complete laser pointer set yesterday.That's very nicely packed.The laser pointer looks very beautiful in appearance.Put in fully-charged 16340*2 batteries,it emits a bright and beautiful red light,which is convenient to use.

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Laser 302 5000mw 302 Blue 450nm Powerful Burning Laser Pointer kits

Date Added: January 11,2019 by Richard Ellis

My brother works as a construction supervisor and he needs a laser pointer,so I bought one for him.It turned out to be a good product,with a bright beam and a long range.It's absolutely worth buying.

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2000mW 450nm Blue Laser Pointer Pen Kit Burning 5-in-1 Beam Light Black

Date Added: January 10,2019 by Jeannine Coraggio

Two years ago,I bought a green light pen here,and this time I chose a blue light laser.This seller's product makes me feel at ease and trustworthy.

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Laser 301 500MW 532nm 301 Green Laser Pointer Pen Black

Date Added: January 10,2019 by Peggy Triola

The 301 green light laser pen is brighter than the one that I bought from another store,and it's much cheaper.I'm thinking of buying another for my friend.

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NITECORE MH27 1000LM Strong Light LED Flashlight

Date Added: January 09,2019 by Fredi Tepman

The design of this flashlight impressed me deeply.It can be hung on my backpack,which is very convenient.It has been used for a month and it is still as bright as when I first received it.

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5000mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Pen

Date Added: January 08,2019 by William Perkins

I bought this green light laser pointer for my father,who takes great interest in astronomy.It's really a great product.When the weather is fine,you can see the bright light in the night sky.I'm glad that I purchased it.

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10000mW 532nm Burning High Power Green Laser Pointer Pen Kit

Date Added: January 07,2019 by Angelo Riccio

The green light laser pointer does have the ability to ignite,it works great as advertised.It can quickly light matches,burn through thin paper and black plastic bags.How powerful it it!

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30000mw 650nm Burning Red Laser pointer kits

Date Added: January 06,2019 by Salah Eddine Rouane

I'm not sure about the actual power of this laser pointer,but it doesn't matter.What makes me satisfied is the beautiful design and super bright red beam.I love it so much.It couldn't be better.

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5000mW 532nm Laser Pointer Pen Kit Green Beam Light Separate Crystal

Date Added: January 05,2019 by Paula Rolnec

I am extremely satisfied with the laser pointer I bought this time.It looks great in quality and came with a stand.Green light is bright and compact,which is very helpful for my research project.

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Nitecore 800LM P10 XM-L2 T6 Waterproof LED Flashlight

Date Added: January 01,2019 by mark hikel

This flashlight is exactly what I need.From the outside,it's obviously made of good material.It's comfortable to hold in the palm of hand.It gives off very bright light.An emergency necessity!

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30000mw Burning 5 in 1 450nm Blue Skidproof Laser Beam Laser Pointer Pen Silver

Date Added: December 29,2018 by Jed Wesolowski

Just had this delivered, and very satisfied great power and presentation i do like the metal box it comes in would recommend this.

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CNI GLP-589 5mw 589nm Yellow Laser pointer Pen

Date Added: December 27,2018 by Tiffany Cun

This is the most expensive of all my laser pointers, but it is worth the price. The light it emits is very different and the quality is very good. I really like this laser pen

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200-560nm Eyes Protective Goggle Glasses with Glasses Cloth

Date Added: December 26,2018 by Carol Vaillant

I bought a 50,000mw laser pointer. Although I have goggles, my friend wants to watch it together, so I bought another one.

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QK-DS6 10000mw Waterproof 638nm Red Laser Pointer Pen High Power Beam Light

Date Added: December 25,2018 by Scott McRoberts

The power is very good, the red effect is very good, the quality is great, the light is really great, it really likes it.

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10000mw 450nm Gatling Burning Blue Laser pointer kits High Power Gold

Date Added: December 24,2018 by Clinton Bryant

The Gatlin type of laser pointer looks really powerful, I like it very much.

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50mW 532nm Mid-open Green Laser Pointer Pen

Date Added: December 23,2018 by Kevin Ryan

The effect of the ray is very good, and the power is very good. I like it too much.

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30000mw 520nm Five Head Burning Green Laser pointer kits High Power Silver

Date Added: December 23,2018 by Thomas Hooks

Only 10 days later, I received the goods, the seller's service is very good, and also helped write a small note, thank you very much, Christmas gifts, my friends like it.

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4.2V 650mAh Battery Charger with 18650 4000mAH Rechargeable Battery

Date Added: December 22,2018 by Terry Miller

I bought 2 sets, so I am not afraid that the laser pen will be out of power. I can use it all the time.

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