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Reviews of Laser 301 500mw Green Light High Power Laser Pointer Kit Black
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by scott g*** on November 20,2018

I have to say this first, the unboxing was a total disappointment, (does everyone in China use the same type of box ?) I retrieved the laser finding out it was just another aluminum tube with a Diode stuck at the end, something you can find on Amazon for less than ten bucks. So I sighed, and charged up the battery. I later inserted the battery and switched it on, and it was a "oh frick oh dear" moment. My bedroom was blasted with 532nm light so bright I couldn't stare at the terminus of the beam. Well it may have looked ordinary on the outside, but inside it was all business. This laser has the most precise laser diode I've ever seen, ( 40+ years experience in lasers ) The beam divergence was nil, I was able to shine it on a building hundreds of yards away at bright noon and I could easily see it. The lenses in the focusing aperture unit are total quality as well. I was stunned to be quite frank, when I first saw it I basically said it's garbage, more Chinese garbage, boy was I wrong. This is a must buy, it's the real deal and not a kitty toy.

by Jason S*** on June 08,2018

It is my first time to purchase a laser pointer with keys,which increasing security.I bought this laser mainly to point at far-away objects when we work on the construction site.Clearly visible,bright enough!Wanna buy two more for my coworkers!

by jimmy h*** on April 02,2018

The 301 green laser arrived today in good condition.I have tested it,much brighter than my other color lasers,fantastic!


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