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Reviews of 30000mw 650nm Burning Red Laser pointer kits
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by Branden W*** on October 07,2020

he red light beam is really dazzling and beautiful. I think I will buy it again because my friends also like it very much.

by firat on September 24,2020

I have bought this store several times. I have bought it with high power and low power. The quality is very good. I also gave a discount. I am very satisfied with the purchase experience.

by Brian C*** on August 24,2020

very powerful! ! ! I like it very much

by Salah E*** on January 06,2019

I'm not sure about the actual power of this laser pointer,but it doesn't matter.What makes me satisfied is the beautiful design and super bright red beam.I love it so much.It couldn't be better.

by Nick L*** on August 04,2018

This is the first time that I've bought such a powerful laser pointer.It's of excellent workmanship.What makes me most satisfied is that the device emits very bright red beam light,which is of great help to our experiment.


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