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Reviews of 200mW 532nm Green Beam Light Single-point Laser Pointer Pen
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by toutai h*** on August 25,2019

OMG so amazing, the light reflects gently off my forehead penetrating through the air creating a sense of satisfaction that is indescribable. With the push of the button it turns it on, push again and it turns off!!!!. It is grey and u are gay.

by James R*** on January 12,2019

The appearance is very beautiful, it is a little better than the photo, and the silver appearance is matched with the green light, which is really beautiful.

by Olena on June 05,2018

Two weeks ago,I ordered a laser pen.It was delivered on time.I put the laser pen in my pocket and use it anytime,very convenient!By the way,I would give you five stars for your fast and efficient delivery service.

by Aaron S*** on October 14,2017

Silver is one of my favorite colors.Fell in love with the appearance when I saw the laser pen.It seemed to be of good quality.I have used it several times,which turns out that my choice is correct.Very happy with this product and the website.


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