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Reviews of 2000mW 532nm Laser Pointer Pen Kit Green Beam Light Separate Crystal
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by Ron B*** on October 25,2018

I received the complete laser pointer kit yesterday.Well-packed,the laser pointer was in good protection.Last night,I used it to point to the stars,beautiful green light can be seen clearly in the night sky.

by Cora C*** on March 07,2018

Pros: Green is amazing, visible point in daylight and visible beam at night. Blue is harder to see but when it got REALLY dark on my camping trip it was better than the green because the green was actually TOO bright for looking at stars and made it harder for my eyes to adjust. Price was very good for what you get, laser power is quite strong.

Cons: Blue laser is only really fun if you're out looking at stars and it's really dark out, otherwise it's not as good of a "toy" as the green one. The end is supposed to focus somehow, but don't count on that actually doing anything.

Thoughts: If you want 3 good lasers for the stars, this is a good set because the blue one is less intense for pointing at stars if you're camping in a nice dark viewing area. If you want 3 bright lasers all the time, the same seller has a Green/Red/Blue 3 pack that would better suit you and is a good set.


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