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Reviews of 10000mW 532nm Burning High Power Green Laser Pointer Pen Kit
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by Samantha on March 03,2022

It is very easy to operate. I am satisfied with its powerful beam.

by Dark-Haired on February 01,2021

The shell of the laser pointer is very hard, the high power of 10000mW is not bad, the light emitted is green, and it is really bright

by Oye C*** on October 03,2020

A great laser pointer, also equipped with goggles, it is really profitable to buy it at this price.

by Angelo R*** on January 07,2019

The green light laser pointer does have the ability to ignite,it works great as advertised.It can quickly light matches,burn through thin paper and black plastic bags.How powerful it it!

by Damesha S*** on August 09,2018

Not a child's toy. This is very bright and can temporarily blind drivers and pilots from a great distance.It can melt dark plastics and ignite dark combustables at close range


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