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5mw Laser Pointers Reviews
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5mw Laser Pointers Reviews

532nm 5mw Green Light Single Dot Light Style Pen Style All-steel Laser Pointer Pen

Date Added: September 20,2018 by veronica b***

Despite its low power,the laser pen is as bright as my own 100mw laser bought from another store.The material looks good.It is absolutely worth the money.

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5mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer Pen Set Professional

Date Added: July 06,2018 by Jennifer B***

After using this product for several times,I have to say that it can meet my basic needs.I use it mainly to point to far-away objects.Considering its low output power,I am going to buy another powerful laser pointer in a few months.

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5mW 650nm Mid-open Red Laser Pointer Pen with 2AAA Battery

Date Added: February 28,2018 by Jaxon H***

This laser is as beautiful as a star twinkling, teasing my cute little boy, yes my kitten.

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5mW 405nm Beam Light Purple Laser Pointer

Date Added: October 30,2017 by Ska Y***

I have had six of these laser pens already. A good helper for a professor like us.The warranty from this seller is reputable.

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2 in 1 5mw 405nm Mid-open Been Light & Kaleidoscopic Blue-violet Laser Pointer

Date Added: October 22,2017 by Jesslyn B***

This laser pen is awesome! I take it with me for my weekly presentation class! Portable to carry,easy to use.Focused and bright beam light!

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