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  • Laser 301 500mw Green Light High Power Laser Pointer Kit Black

    Date Added: 20/11/2018 by scott gamble

    I have to say this first, the unboxing was a total disappointment, (does everyone in China use the same type of box ?) I retrieved the laser finding out it was just another aluminum tube with a Diode stuck at the end, something you can find on Amazon for less than ten bucks. So I sighed, and charged up the battery. I later inserted the battery and switched it on, and it was a "oh frick oh dear" moment. My bedroom... View More

  • 500MW Beam Green Laser Pointer Black

    Date Added: 01/11/2018 by Michael Biester

    Laser Arrived and looks good. The only Problem is that a Blue is delivered but a Green ordered

  • 500MW Beam Green Laser Pointer Silver

    Date Added: 23/10/2018 by Connie Gege

    Although the price is low, this laser pen is much brighter than the one of the same power I bought from another company.Remarkably,the 18650 battery that it uses is rechargeable,which is very environmentally friendly.

  • UKing ZQ-012L 500mW 532nm Green Beam 4-Mode Zoomable Laser Pointer Pen

    Date Added: 14/09/2018 by Bob Moto

    I bought a 500mw laser pointer two years ago and it had been working well.Unfortunately,last month it fell off the table,broken.Thus,I came and buy another one with the same power.This laser pen is of better quality.I think it will be very durable.

  • UKing ZQ-J34 500mW 450nm&650nm Blue and Red Double Laser Pointer with CE FCC ROHS FDA Certificate

    Date Added: 18/08/2018 by kay black

    Let me tell you how I feel about this laser pointer.Yeah,absolutely I got what I paid for.Very worthwhile for its good quality!Aesthetically speaking,it's nice-looking and high-end,which I fell in love at my first sight.What excites me most is its dreamlike light pattern,which I never saw before.In a word,super satisfied!

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