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  • 30000mW 450nm Beam Light Blue Superhigh Power Laser Pointer Pen Kit

    Date Added: 22/03/2018 by Brynn Evans

    This is good quality. It would be nice to have a case and batteries at this price however all components are good fit and finish Good shipping package but no documentation.

  • UKing ZQ-012L 30000mW 532nm Green Beam 4-Mode Zoomable Laser Pointer Pen Kit

    Date Added: 05/03/2018 by Max Arabic

    I have researched a few of these lasers before buying and this is the one to get! This laser will qucikly burn a hole in paper when focused properly. which can also include physically moving the laser in and out from your target, besides rotating the focusing ring. Started a wood fire in my fire pit the other night from igniting a gas soaked piece of tissue paper with this laser! LOL...

  • 30000mW 450nm Blue Laser Pointer Pen Kit Beam Light 5-in-1

    Date Added: 18/02/2018 by Noah Hebrew

    Unbelievable, what comes out of this pointer in terms of light output. Of course not 30 watts, as stated, that's nonsense. Nevertheless, the performance is impressive. Balloons burst immediately without noticeable delay. I used the pointer on New Year's Eve to light the fireworks, no problem. Power supply, batteries, goggles and various essays in a stylish little aluminum case for this price - buy! But: be careful!

  • UKing ZQ-012L 30000mW 532nm Green Beam 4-Mode Zoomable Laser Pointer Pen Kit

    Date Added: 09/02/2018 by Jerry

    Honestly I felt obligated to write a short review for this because in my opinion it is the best laser for its price. The beam is powerful and bright and has a great range. It has a high wattage which I pointed it in a mountain that is 5-6 km away and could the laser reaching it with no problem. So I believe the laser can go even further than that without losing its power.

  • 30000mw Burning 450nm Blue Skidproof Laser Beam Laser Pointer Pen Silver

    Date Added: 02/02/2018 by Leeza quirrox

    Just got my blue light laser today.I have tested it,how satisfied I am with the laser for the price.I am not expert on laser,but it is quite strong and powerful,the light goes for miles.Awesome laser pen!ps.deliver is very quick and it is well-packaged in a sturdy box.

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