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Burning laser pointer

Post on: February 23,2018
   If you have bought a burning laser can have a look, ready to buy more to see. Now more and more customers tell us that the laser they buy does not burn. So in order to let more customers understand the dangers of poor quality laser pointer and eliminate some misunderstandings, we found the following some information about the laser pointer.   First: The color of the laser beam is determined by the wavelength of the light emitted by the laser diode in the laser pointer. Our green laser pointer emits only green light. Green is the most obvious color of the human eye. This makes the light beam emitted by the laser pointer very bright.   Second: poor quality green laser pointer not only emits green light, but also emit infrared light. The infrared light can not be seen by the naked eye, so the light beams from these poor quality laser pointers will not be particularly bright and dangerous.   Many people will ask why a poor quality laser pointer will have 200mW of power, but the actual power is not as bright as a 50mW laser. As we just said, these laser pointers emit a lot of infrared light, and you can not see the infrared light to make them less bright. The 200 mW power stage of a poor quality laser pointer usually consists of most of the infrared light. In the laser pointer 50mw is 50mw.   The real green laser pointer has an infrared filter inside it to block infrared light. Fake laser pointer less this filter. Without this filter, these laser pointers are very dangerous. You may hurt your eyes. So, if you have a dull, high-power laser pointer, destroy it now because it is dangerous to your health. Poor green laser pointers typically only work for 30 to 50 hours and then become useless.   The only benefit of buying a low-quality green laser pointer is that it takes more thought on the package and neglects the quality of the laser pointer, so take a laser pointer or look at the quality!   The same price than quality, the same quality than the price!

Pet laser

Post on: February 13,2018
   Choose the best toy for cats dogs etc..   People who keep pets know that cats like cardboard boxes, and they also like playing with paper. But giving them the right toys is also can let cat exciting and will make the cat feel happy.    So how to choose the perfect toy?   Many people say fake mice, balls, etc. toys, although interactive toys are also good, but it takes too much energy, you need to follow the running,so I think if can sit down here and play with them is best.   Here is good choice for you——— pet lasers, which also brings pets to people with limited mobility.   Now,Instruction about pet laser!   Ingeneral,pet laser is 1mw-5mw lower power laser,need to remember pet lasers can only be low-power, because low-power laser will not harm pets, but also with pets The best choice. Many high power.    Furthermore, pet laser pointer can be the best choice for cats and dogs. The continuous movement of the laser beam makes the pet happy.    Pet lasers are handy, and not all cats are patient with interactive toys, but it's worth a try because the stimulus for solving the puzzle is second to none.   Usually they include hidden items that cats find toys in their toys. Laser pointer is a simple toy, you can use it to play, run around the floor to chase.   Having said that, everyone should understand the interesting pet laser, right?    Quickly buy one to play with your pet! You can find a low-power pet laser in and have fun with your pet.

Astronomy Lasers

Post on: February 06,2018
   Just only with telescope to watch the stars?If so,you are out of date!   Now,star pointers is useful for people and astronomers around the world.  star pointers are the best way to point to celestial bodies, stars and objects in the night sky.    Today's laser technology allows significant increase in output to utilize their highly visible beam characteristics. From hobbyist to enthusiasts, star pointers is popular.   If you want just use to point stars, the 532nm greenies are the best choice for this task.  providing an excellent way to assist astronomers with their presentations and star pointing.   If you are as a guide, then you need a laser pointer, so you can better explain to tourists.   Astronomy Laser pointers may be a wonderful tool for the astronomers of the fans have a clear observation and targeting.    All the lasers are fun and can really make astronomy more exciting. he higher the output power of the laser beam, the brighter the light beam.    This can be an ideal choice for night astronomical research, but if the beam is scattered or improperly used, it may cause a disaster for astronomy lovers or just people.   so when you choose laser,don't just according price,quality is first.   For astronomy, high brightness and long distance visibility is the two main factors to note in the case of poor weather, the need for higher power astronomy lasers can have a longer celestial visibility.   You can into and choose the astronomy laser pointer.

Fight between Canadians and geese

Post on: February 02,2018
   According to research, the fight between Canadians and geese has always existed and people hope to find a way to get rid of geese without harming it.    In the past, "scarecrows" had been used to repel geese, which were effective at first, but they did not work for a long time and people fell into panic again.   Later, some people found by chance, goose feared laser, especially the green laser, very low-power can also play a role.   Because can not harm the goose, so only need a low-power laser pointer on it, just play a driving role, the same, for birds.   Need to know,high power laser not to used to geese,it will harm to the animal.   In general, a low-power laser pointer like a short range and requires only 532 nm to be sufficient without affecting the aircraft. I think 200 mw 532 nm is the best to do this.   Speaking of this, I would like to recommend one laser that I think is effective to use,   Goose is very laser-sensitive of green laser, as long as it shines on the goose's eyes, the goose will walk away, and we are using a low-powered laser pointer that will only make the goose afraid and walk away without harming the goose and protecting himself and flowers and grass security.   Canadian geese are a major problem for farmers because they destroy large areas of crops such as wheat and barley. And by too close to drive the goose, it is vulnerable to goose attacks.   There have been instances when people were close to geese to drive it and were hurt by geese, so this approach is not feasible.   So the laser pen has brought them the benefits, even if standing in the distance, you can use the laser pen to drive the geese.   If you are also suffering from gooses or birds, you can try it.

What kind of laser pointer burning effect is best

Post on: January 12,2018
   Today I want to discuss with the problem: What kind of laser pointer burning effect is best .I think more and more people want to know this problem. If you have learned about the laser pen, you will know that if laser pointer’s temperature is higher , the better the combustion effect. But it just very simple explanation, now let us to know the detail.   Although the color is important point, but in fact, power is key point. In the different colors of the laser,choose the most powerful can ignite.  Regardless of the color, including (green laser, red laser, blue laser, blue-violet laser) .If the actual power enough 50mw, and this laser pointer is focus laser, just need 15 seconds,can burning ,so power is the largest laser pen.   The same power laser pen what color the strongest burning ability? Differences in slight burning due to wavelength. The greater the power, the stronger the combustion power. Instead of considering the small differences due to wavelength reasons, might as well directly to the size of the power to be. 250mw red is stronger than the 200mw blue, you say your 250mw not strong, I can say the so-called 250mw red power is false,maybe it just 100mw. Or 200mw blue laser pointer power measured larger.    As for the different wavelengths, with the same power of the laser, the burning is diffferent. Regardless of the color of the laser pointer, no matter how much power advertises, humans can see the light wavelength range is 380nm-760nm .The most sensitive to human eye light wavelength is about 550nm, which is green laser , So human beings will feel the brightest of green laser pen .   Which color's laser pointer has the highest heat buildup?   Compare the difference can see:   Brightness: green> red> blue <blue-violet   Ignition ability: blue>blue-violet>red>green   Stability: blue>blue-violet>red>green (green affected by climate)   What color laser pen ignition"s effect is best?   Brightness: Green>red>blue   Temperature: blue >red>green   The green laser with high power can focus, a 2000mw of green laser pointer, can focus seconds to light the newspaper, also it can light cigarette quickly.Some ten watts of blue light can hit birds. As for what kind of better well, each have their own characteristics, we must look at the preferences of everyone.      What color laser pen brightness is the strongest?   Generally, in the same power, green laser is strongest sense of color, 30mw at night you can see a clear light, 100mw green night light is very dazzling.   In summary, If you want to buy burning laser ,the laser power is key point. And here is important point : don’t believe cheap price can buy burning laser!
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