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About flashlight laser

Post on: May 19,2018
   Someone ask me for flashlight laser? It seems that people's demand for flashlights is also very large. Our website also launched a laser flashlight,,and there are more people to buy.    Two flashlights are recommended for outdoor camping. If you do not want to carry an extra flashlight, the other feature with an worlds brightest led flashlight is to set it to ""dimmed"". Most best flashlights have a switch that can be set to dim or bright light.      In the long run, getting an LED flashlight can save you money because you don't have to replace the battery as often as an ordinary incandescent bulb battery. The brightest LED flashlight has ten times the battery power than an ordinary incandescent the brightest flashlight in the world, and the bulb can last up to ten years, so you don't have to worry about its bulb burn out.   With the hi-power LED bulb as the new lighting source which owns the great features and benefits: Higher intensive brightness, longer light distance, energy saving and environmental protection ,no mercury, no harmful rays, no electromagnetic interference on the environment.   Working areas: rescue and relief work,family's light .It can also be used for patrolling in industrial and mining enter-prises as emergency light.   If you are still looking for what kind of laser flashlight to buy, you may wish to look at my latest flashlight, which you deserve.

Whats the difference between laser pointer and flashlight

Post on: May 14,2018
   Laser is an radial and the flashlight emits a relatively wide spectrum of light from a multi-directional light source. The light is focused in a general direction by a parabolic mirror.   Flashlights are designed to provide directional lighting for relatively short distances.It pervades and loses strength quite quickly.   On the other hand, the laser beam diffuses very little and maintains long-range intensity. However, such a compact beam of light, finding its own way in the dark is not very useful. When you are tired of the FAA's troubles, you can now easily convert it into a bright white flashlight.   The flashlight laser is a simple adapter that converts the Arctic-focused blue laser into a diffuse white 500 lumen beam, so it can be used as a relatively safe flashlight.   The multifunctional flashlight illuminates things in three ways. Universal work tool, it integrates laser, ultraviolet and LED lights. The LED light feature provides two lighting levels that allow you to adjust the flashlight according to specific lighting conditions to improve your vision.Practical clips and magnetic positioning mechanisms allow your hands to release other tasks.    Thanks to the integrated magnet, the flashlight can also be positioned according to the requirements of most electrical enclosures, allowing the user to point the light source in the desired direction for the task at hand.   For example, an integrated laser can fix positions more precisely and perform projection measurements when lights are installed on the ceiling. Delaying the start interval by 2 seconds prevents the laser from starting accidentally. Due to the integrated UV lamp, the flashlight is also very suitable for technical inspections.   Here is the flashlight laser light you can see:   OK, above is the difference between a laser pen and a flashlight!

About the laser pointer

Post on: May 07,2018
  Today,I want to discuss with laser safety level.Responsible laser owners should take some time to fully understand the FAA regulations surrounding the use of laser pointers. Laser has 5 class,class more higher,the laser's power is too high.   Class I   Inherently safe; no possibility of eye damage. This can be either because of a low output power,or due to an enclosure preventing user access to the laser beam during normal operation.Just like  the teach laser.   Class II   The blink reflex of the human eye will prevent eye damage, unless the person deliberately stares into the beam for an extended period. Output power may be up to 1mW.   Class IIa   A region in the low-power end of Class II where the laser requires in excess of 1000 seconds of continuous viewing to produce a burn to the retina.   Class IIb   Lasers in this class may cause damage if the beam enters the eye directly.This generally applies to lasers powered from 5–500 mW. Lasers at the high power end of this class may also present a fire hazard and can lightly burn skin.Just like burning laser pointer.   Class IV   Lasers in this class have output powers of more than 500mW laser pointer in the beam and may cause severe, permanent damage to eye or skin without being magnified by optics of eye or instrumentation.If you want burning laser,need to goggles,it's very important for us.       Safety Recommendations for Laser Pointers   The use of laser pointers has become widespread. The laser pointers are useful tools for educators in the classroom and at conventions and meetings. However, due to the low cost and ubiquitous supply, these laser pointers are now being purchased and used by the general public, including children, and used in ways not intended by the manufacturers. As a result, serious concerns about the hazards of laser pointers have surfaced.   The hazards of laser pointers are limited to the eye. Although with most visible lasers, the largest concern is potential damage to the retina, most laser pointers are not likely to cause permanent retinal damage. When you use high power laser,please remind,need  goggles to protect your eyes.    This one is best suggest:200-560nm Eyes Protective Goggle Glasses with Glasses Cloth .

Red laser pointer, your first choice

Post on: April 26,2018
  Red Laser Pointers are the simplest laser pointers which can be battery-powered laser pointer.Red laser pen can completely free the user from the computer, users do not have to keep the computer next to the computer, when the user in the electronic teaching, presentation and report speech, when the key content needs to be note, only lightly press the hand, the red color laser point can be mapped in the need to emphasize the text. On the screen, you don't have to "touch" with the audience or "close contact" with the projection screen every time you explain the key content. At the same time, the user can only gently point out the relevant functional buttons to turn the electronic manuscript to the user's page, up and down, 360 degrees unrestrained; No matter in any corner of the classroom, in the lecture hall, or in the back of the conference room with the listener, the screen will automatically appear on the screen, and the computer is no longer necessary. Change the page's heart, really reflect the wireless clicks, get infinite wonderful!   In addition, as the industry matures, many additional functions are applied to the laser pointer itself, such as U disk storage function, such as gift function. And the portable and with richer applications laser pointer is a good guide for your traveling,If you still hesitate to choose what kind of laser pen, you might as well buy a red laser pointer first.

301 Green Laser Pointer

Post on: April 18,2018
   Laser 301 is the most popular laser pen, because of it has some features of exquisite appearance and economical and practical, widely used in astronomy refers to the stars,site measurements, wild adventure, the preferred equipment for astronomy enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiastsour.    And now, our shop has launched a series of Upgraded 301 and 302 products, not only will we increase laser beam light colors(red, blue, lasers, not only green laser) what you could choose, but we also enrich the appearance of the product selection. For the user, the greatest benefit is that you can choose one color laser you like.   Next, we will introduce what new 301 products.Have you ever tried to find a green laser pointer that pointed out constellations with friends? I think a 301 green laser pointer is enough. Laser 301 are famous for its safety, high power and stability.The NO.1 Laser Pointer is 303 1000mw green powerful laser Pointer,  Next we will introduce this product in detail.   It comes with a key to lock the laser to avoid power loss -- when the key points at the red point ~ lock (green point~unlock).also it is to prevent children from easily touching it.You can serve a 301 laser pointer as a burning laser pointer as they can light matches,burn cigarettes,burst balloons easily.   Here I will introduce one 301 laser pointer for your: This newest Match Green Laser Pointer Pen is light weight, practical, and you can easy to use it. So, you can carry it anywhere anytime you want. Also, it always widely used to point at the faraway target or stars.    This green laser pointer is also the best gift for friends and families. Moreover, it is a good tool for pointing to the faraway target or stars and sending out the SOS signal.Also you can use it to try experimenting with a laser pen to match the fire, it is very interesting.And it was really easy to firewood,don't miss this one!!!

About lasers power and wavelength

Post on: April 13,2018
   Most people are surprised at the relationship between the laser pointer power and the output power and wavelength of the laser. What color laser pointer is the most powerful? Laser pointers of different wavelengths emit different power and energy even at the same output power.    First: The larger the laser divergence angle, the closer the target distance. Low-beam divergent lasers point better than large divergent lasers. In the same light emitting area, a longer laser pointer has a larger laser divergence angle. Therefore, red lasers have longer beam visibility than infrared lasers. However, different types of laser pointers produce different mechanisms. The output power is difficult to achieve the same light emitting area. For example, an 808 nm infrared laser has a larger light emitting area than a 980 nm infrared laser. At the same output power, the 808 nm infrared laser has a larger laser beam divergence angle than the 980 nm infrared laser pointer.   Two:  Near-field laser radiation damage is the corresponding long-distance damage. When the parallelism of lasers is the same, high power lasers of different wavelengths have different focus limits. For example, the focal length limit of a 1064 nm infrared laser is 20 times the focal length limit of a 532nm green laser. In other words, the intensity of the 532 nm green laser per unit area is 20 times stronger than the 1064 nm infrared laser with the same output power. In general, long-wavelength lasers have greater focal limits than low-power lasers.   Third: The intense laser beam has caused damage to the human eye or the skin. The low penetration laser pointer has better performance in terms of laser energy density. However, there is no absolute relationship between laser wavelength and transmittance. Among all visible lasers, long wavelength laser pointers have better penetration than short wavelength lasers. However, in long-wavelength infrared lasers, there is a significant thermal effect and the penetration strength becomes weaker. CO2 lasers can engrave glass, but 532nm green lasers cannot.   Four: Different color objects have very significant differences in the absorption ability of different wavelength lasers. The absorption of the same color is the worst, which is related to white. However, the absorption of colored objects is the most obvious. For example, a green laser pointer can easily light the game, but lighting the green head game is more laborious.   Fiver: This section mainly introduces ultraviolet rays. Because the UV laser has high photon energy, the target can be ionized. For organic life, the ionizing effect of UV lasers can destroy the activity of various proteins and enzymes, which is the principle of UV disinfection.    Therefore, UV laser is undoubtedly the strongest laser among various wavelengths.

Green Laser Pointer of 532nm

Post on: April 04,2018
   In general, a green laser pointer can be used to output light directed to a 532 nm laser wavelength, which is obtained from a 1064 nm infrared laser frequency. It is the most commonly used laser and is more complex than a laser pointer made from a standard laser diode (such as a red, blue or blue violet laser pointer).    The 532nm laser pointer projects the brightest, brightest green light at night and during the day. Unlike laser pointers made with direct diodes, the laser conversion efficiency of the 532nm green laser pointer is not 100%.    All green laser pointers should be added to the laser beam filter to prevent the 1064 nm infrared laser. The actual output power of the green laser pointer should be the power of the projected 532 nm green laser.    In fact, the 532nm green laser pen without an infrared filter did not achieve the desired actual output power.   However, when we do not see the laser radiation of a 532 nm green laser, the stealth infrared laser may come out of the laser aperture. Laser users should not stare at the beam from the 532nm green laser pointer because once the infrared laser is pointed at the eye, this is very dangerous. Once the eyeball is exposed to this powerful infrared laser, the 1064nm invisible infrared laser may cause blindness.   The correct way to measure the output power of a 532nm green laser pointer is to add a 1064nm laser filter before using the laser power meter.   The green laser has high design power and large heat dissipation. When the operating temperature is too high, it will be affected. When the operating temperature is too high, it will be affected. In addition, the 532nm green laser pointer can be turned off at high operating temperatures to protect the internal blue laser diode from burnout.   A shoddy green laser pointer usually does not have a protective circuit module. Therefore, the green laser pointer will extinguish after a long period of continuous indication, which is usually restored after the temperature is lowered. Whenever people operate the 532nm green laser pointer, they always need to be cautious about the visible light beam and enjoy the laser fan at will.

Widely used of laser pointers

Post on: March 20,2018
   Entertainment are one of the other applications of lasers. The most common use of laser in entertainment can be used in the special effects of laser display. High power laser pointers are used in clubs, parties and outdoor concerts, with safety precautions as a spectacle. lenses, mirrors and smog are often used in laser lenses.   Laser pointer has also become a popular toy cat, dog or more. Its natural looting instinct is triggered by mobile laser. It will catch it and / or catch it as much as possible, but it is obviously not successful. As a result, the laser pointer has become a popular form of entertainment for many pet owners.   In the magic show, the laser pointer is used as props.   The laser pointer can be used for excursion or outdoor activity. High power laser pointers are smart enough to scare off large wild animals to make them useful for hiking and camping. In these cases, laser pointer can also be used as a useful survival tool, because it can be used as an emergency signal for aircraft and other parties to see rescue signals at extreme distances in the daytime and nighttime conditions. For example, in the evening of August 2010, the rescue team found a red laser pen, and two men and a boy were rescued from marshland.   The laser pointer is accurately aligned as the laser sight to aim the firearm.Some troops aim at aircraft at night with lasers. This is done to ensure that the goals of "friendly" and "enemy" are not wrong. A friendly target may wear an infrared launcher, which is only visible to night vision people, such as pilots, to determine the exact location of enemy fighters. They only need laser beams detected by attacking aircraft to illuminate targets. This may be one of the most accurate ways to mark the target.   In that case, are you really not ready to buy a laser pen yet?

Blue Laser pointer

Post on: March 13,2018
   The Blue laser pointer is the most popular laser pointer on the market now a days. Because blue lasers are brighter and lighter than other colors.Most of the web the price is cheap. Such laser pointer Compact size, easy to carry, bright beam of light to indicate the effect class.Such laser pointer Compact size, easy to carry, bright beam of light to indicate the effect class.   If you are a super laser enthusiast, or have research needs, other special purposes, then do not meet the low-power green and red laser pen, want to buy a high power blue laser pen. The problem is that high power blue laser pointers don’t have a uniform price on the market. And many businesses use low power blue light as a high power to cheat consumers.   Widelaser is your first choice. The product is exquisite, but the price not very low. Most people want to buy products that are good in quality and low in price. It's hard to find,but it’s not none.   The last and most important thing is to look at the price, just like the 1000mW blue laser pointer, the price is mainly concentrated around $99. The product has been in mind, and then mainly to see whether the price is appropriate.   Today recommended for you is the widelaser 5000mW 532nm Beam Light Green Laser Pointer Pen Kit ,the current activity price is $99.99!     After buying high power laser pointer, what should we pay attention to in the process of using?   Never irradiate eyes!High power laser can cause permanent damage to the human eyes.It may become blind.   Can not illuminate the plane.High power laser can radiate very far distance, if the plane is flying at low altitude, it is easy to be irradiated, it will seriously interfere with the pilot’s line of sight.In many countries it is against the law to irradiate a plane with a laser pointer.   Blue laser with high power, high fever, use should pay attention to the laser pen shell, if the details feel hot, should immediately turn off the laser cooling, etc., can be re opened, so as not to burn the laser tube.

Green Laserpointer

Post on: March 03,2018
   For most people are no stranger to laser pointer, large laser launchers, their intensity is not the same purpose is also very different. There are a variety of laser products on the market, one of which is a laser pointer, and the most popular one is the green laser pointer. Not only because of its own color, but also because of its use of power, so it has been very warm in all fields. Today is the main introduction of green laser pointer.   Green laser pen is the world's most popular laser pointer, because the green light 6 times brighter than the red, the beam is more obvious than the red, but the price is much cheaper than the blue. Therefore, laser pen users generally use a green pen.Compared with the red laser pointer, green has a higher efficiency.    At night, the laser pen is often used by astronomy enthusiasts for pointing stars and constellations. Green laser pen can have a variety of output power, and is also visible in dark lighting, so if it is used for pointing is not particularly strong power.   Green laser in the daytime is also very obvious, precisely because of this, so the relative power consumption is relatively large.In the choice of battery issues should also be cautious, don't to choose cheap battery, quality is also very important.   There is also to require our users to pay special attention to safety, the laser pointer can not be facing the eyes or other vulnerable parts, but also to prevent laser reflection into the eyes.    In general the green focal length of the adjustable focus will be with double protection switch so not only to protect the eyes but also to prevent children from accidentally using a laser pointer to play .   The end,I want to recommend this one: 1000mw 301 Green 532nm Powerful Burning Laser Pointer kits    This one laser has including keys,it good to protect your kids and eyes.
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