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About the laser expansion

Post on: October 25,2018
More and more people are interested in laser pointers, and many people have purchased laser pointers.Sometimes using a laser pointer can cause some problems, such as poor air quality and air turbidity. The lens of the laser pointer has higher requirements for cleanliness. So if the lens glue is dusty, the laser will scatter and will not concentrate. The laser pointer's beam range is also shorter.When choosing a laser pointer, it is important to get a genuine laser pointer with a reliable warranty. No matter what kind of problems occur during the use of the laser pointer, just contact customer service and you will get the most satisfactory solution during the warranty period.There are two main points to using a laser pointer at the same time:  1. The working temperature is low, the laser pointer will start to slow down, because the laser pen has high temperature and air requirements, the laser pointer is prone to two points or the light is dim. As the temperature increases, the light from the laser pointer becomes better and clearer.  2. Unstable crystal structure. The latter two problems are minor issues, and the user only needs to clean and replace the laser lens. The most serious is that there is no lighting. Due to the operation error, the lens is completely damaged, then only a new one can be purchased again.Therefore, when you receive the laser pointer, you must first check the quality of the laser pointer, and then sign it.

Why the laser not burning

Post on: October 18,2018
Laser pointers are always used in every corner of the world in a variety of high-tech and entertainment work areas. The life of the laser pointer is up to 2 years. However, the laser pointer may also be damaged in a short time. In addition to the laser pointer's own problems, it is very important to operate the laser pointer correctly. Today to discuss why the laser pointer can not be lit.It may stop working when the green laser pointer is operating normally. Before contacting the repair laser pointer, we can also check the reason why the laser pointer does not burn:  1. The laser pointer is not operating properly. Continuous use of the laser pointer for extended periods of time may cause severe heating and heating of the laser tube. It can easily cause the laser module to burn out. Therefore, the user must replace the laser module.  2. Throwing or heavy touch can cause damage to the laser pointer. Laser pointers are a fragile product compared to other products. Improper use such as throwing may result in collision damage to the module structure. The laser pointer may not be illuminated properly.  3. Incorrect installation of the battery. Lack of special attention, occasional battery installation may cause the laser pointer to burn out.  4. The structure of the product itself. Poor crystal quality and unstable circuit design can cause laser pointer problems.Since you have bought a laser pointer, you should protect it and use it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to serve you.

Why the laser pen reacting slowly during the winter

Post on: October 11,2018
   When the laser pointer is in a working state, it always requires a certain operating environment. Typically, it has an acceptable operating temperature range of 10 to 40 degrees Celsius. Some special laser pointers may operate at operating temperatures ranging from 0-40 degrees Celsius to even lower operating temperatures.   Preheating the laser tube is very important when the operating temperature of the laser pointer is much lower than expected. Especially for the head of the laser pen, the inner coating or hand should be preheated. If the laser pointer is activated in an indoor working environment, it will return to a formal or near formal working environment.    In the case of poor working conditions in winter, the laser beam emission is always very weak at the beginning of the start, dim and not bright. After continuous pointing, the laser beam brightness returns to normal after usually 10 seconds. For example, the APC Green Laser Pointer achieves the best performance at 25 degrees Celsius. When the operating temperature is low, the laser operator should preheat the laser pointer. Low temperatures can greatly affect the formal work of the laser pointer.   When the laser pointer's selected output power is higher than 30mw, the user should remember to wear laser goggles to protect the eyes.  Never try to stare at laser radiation and laser reflections. Any laser beam explosion can seriously damage the eyes and the retina.   Sometimes there is heavy fog in winter, and laser operators should pay special attention to the operating environment. The user should prevent dust adhering to the laser indicating lens and affect the quality of the laser spot, which indirectly affects the thermal efficiency of the beam. Especially below zero temperature, the laser light may look weak and may not even start. In the winter, laser users should pay special attention to the surrounding environment to ensure the normal operation of the laser pointer.   Whenever the user points to any active laser pointer, it should not point continuously. Extremely high temperatures in the laser tube can cause internal laser crystals and laser diodes to burn out. The recommended operating time for the laser pointer should be 30 seconds and then cooled for 10 seconds.   Laser users should always follow the correct operating instructions for the laser pointer. Laser pointers are not allowed to be directed to the public, animals and human eyes as well as body, moving vehicles, airplanes, etc.

The Green Laser Line

Post on: September 29,2018
   For some factories, parallelism and alignment are an important level for the production floor. Among the laser pens of many colors, the green light is the most suitable, bright enough, and does not require high power!    Green laser lines produce laser alignment that is among the latest developments. The radiation emitted by the laser diode always ensures the distance of the laser line.  A target distance of 3-5 meters usually results in the best alignment results.   This laser alignment will produce an optimal line generation result for a given working distance after the correct selection of lens power, output power and target distance. And always equipped with high performance capabilities. It has the advantages of high stability, high reliability, strong anti-interference and long service life.   This green laser line is specifically designed with a fixed focus. This green line laser is aligned with the projected laser pointers using a particularly uniform distribution of non-Gaussian light. It can be customized with laser fan angles of 5°, 10°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°. This advanced alignment laser is widely used in industrial equipment, precision machining, measuring equipment, image processing systems, textile processing.   By using the highest quality green laser diode and glazing design, this green laser line generation laser alignment tool uses the production technology and technology of telecommunication lasers to enter industrial laser production. The high-performance green line laser alignment produced has unparalleled advantages in various industrial production lines.

Some FAQ of Laser pointer

Post on: September 20,2018
   What's  the difference of red laser and green laser pointers?   ● Wavelength difference. The red laser wavelength is between 635 nm and 780 nm. The green laser wavelengths are 515 nm, 520 nm and 532 nm.   ● Different lighting modes. The red laser pointer glows directly from the laser diode without an extraction device. It emits glare directly from the red laser diode. The 532 nm green laser is emitted from a 808 nm laser diode pumped crystal.   Why is the blue-violet laser indicator light spot weak?   Depending on the principle of the laser, a shorter wavelength laser pointer can emit brighter light from a longer wavelength laser at the same power. However, the fluoroscopy of 532 nm wavelength light is more easily absorbed and more sensitive, and the luminescence of the 405 nm blue-violet laser appears weaker to the human eye.   Why is the red laser beam not as visible as the green laser?   The continuous illumination time of the green laser pointer will vary depending on the output power. The portable green laser illuminates within 10 seconds at normal operating temperature (25°). If the working time is extended, the output power may increase the attenuation until it does not light up. Long-term operation can damage laser diodes and crystals, and even burn laser diodes. Industrial calibration lasers can run continuously for 24 hours at room temperature and properly cool the system. The portion of the alignment laser should be fixed during operation.   Why are the crystals of laser diodes and laser pointers easily burned out?   Long working hours are the key point that causes laser diodes to burn out. Due to the long working hours, the laser temperature increases with the increase of working time, resulting in damage to the laser diode and crystal.   When the laser pointer needs to be warmed up?   The green laser pointer consists of a 808nm laser diode and a crystal with an operating temperature of 25° and a laser diode wavelength of 808 nm ± 2 nm. When the operating temperature rises by 25°, the laser diode wavelength will become shorter, so the laser power decreases as the wavelength changes. The longer the laser pointer works, the higher the temperature and the lower the power.   What is the speed of the laser pointer?    Ordinary light travels in the air at a rate of 300,000 meters per second. The laser travels in the air at a speed of 300,000,000 meters per second. The laser travels in the air at a rate of 3/4 of the vacuum. The laser propagation speed of the glass is 2/3 of the vacuum.    Safety measures for laser pointer operation:   ● The laser pointer at room temperature can be used up to the maximum. Continuous lighting should not exceed 30 seconds.   ● Laser is harmful to the eyes. Don't shine in your eyes. Wear suitable laser goggles indoors or near the laser pointer. Avoid pointing the laser pointer directly at the eye. Laser irradiation above 30mW can not face the human body, so as not to cause accidental injury.   ● Keep the laser pointer away from children and prevent danger from improper use of the laser pointer. Remove the battery and save it when not using the laser pointer.   ● If the brightness of the laser beam is found to be severely degraded, please pay attention to the battery or replace the battery.   ● Continuous laser light should not be too long (especially green laser), it is best not to exceed 30 seconds in summer. If you think the laser pointer is hot, stop using it until it is completely cool. The best time to use the high power laser pointer in a controlled time of 1 minute, turn off for 5 minutes for cooling and then turn it on. It prevents over-aging of the laser pointer or damage to the laser diode caused by overheating. These instructions protect the laser pointer for a longer life.

Several key issues with laser pointers

Post on: September 14,2018
   What is the price difference of the laser pointer?   Laser pointers with different output powers and wavelengths produce different production costs and different technical requirements. For example, a green laser and a 200 mw red laser get the same price range. Red lasers above 300mw are more expensive. Blue lasers, especially high output power, have lower requirements on raw material costs and technical requirements. It is always available at a lower price.   How to wear laser goggles correctly?   The laser pointer is dangerous to the laser every time it is operated. If you are just a long-distance external exposure point, you do not need to wear laser goggles. Long-range laser illumination, the laser does not scatter or reflect on the eyes. Only when the laser pointer is pointed at a close distance will the laser cause reflection, scattering, and diffusion. Part of the laser will shine on the eyes. Long-term viewing can be dizzy and tired. In this case, a pair of laser goggles is required.   When the laser pointer beam is visible?   If you choose a very low output power, you will not see the laser beam at night and during the day. The beam of the 532 nm green laser pointer up to 30 mW is clearly visible. During the day, the green laser beam can even be seen indoors. A higher output power laser pointer results in a stronger and more intense green laser pointer beam.    Which output power laser pointer can be used as a combustion laser?   Higher power laser pointers always have a higher burning capacity. The laser pointer rises 100mw for easy combustion matching. The 200mw laser pen can burn cigars, cut tapes, and popular balloons.   What is the difference between a red laser and a green laser?   The red laser wavelengths are 635 nm and 650 nm, and the green laser wavelengths are 515 nm, 520 nm, and 532 nm. Different wavelengths of laser light produce laser beams and spots of different colors during operation. A red laser with a certain output power has a better burning power than a green laser. Different laser characteristics make the visibility of the red laser beam much weaker than the green laser with the same power. Green lasers can achieve brighter and more pronounced green laser beam radiation. The user can determine the quality of the laser pointer only with exact requirements and personal preferences.   What is the difference between a laser pointer and a handheld laser?   1. The low-power laser pointer selects the pen design, and the high-power laser selects the hand-held flashlight design to get more space for the larger laser module. High power handheld lasers require more space as their thermal stability system. Handheld lasers always add the ability to adjust the focus and safety key protectors.      2. Different operating hours. The laser pointer has a maximum brightness of no more than 15 seconds and then cools down for 10 seconds. Hand-held lasers indicate continuous illumination for no more than 3 minutes.   3. Hand-held laser adopts adjustable focal length design to provide customers with more practical functions.   What is the key point of the blue laser?   The blue laser with a fascinating and attractive sapphire blue laser beam is very popular among laser amateurs and professionals. Laser enthusiasts even use high-power blue lasers for various combustion experiments. When users use high power blue lasers, users should pay attention to:   1. Long-term continuous combustion will cause extreme heat, which will affect the service life of the laser tube and then burn out. The recommended pointing time is 30 seconds and cools down.   2. Correctly install the battery positive and negative blue laser pointer.   3. Be careful of dust, do not use blue laser in smoke and water vapor environment.   4. Close-range blue laser pointing at the object, the user should pay attention to the laser diffuse, reflect and refract light, and prevent eye damage.   5. The safe operation of the blue laser should not illuminate flammable substances, humans and animals.   6. Remove the battery when you are not using the blue laser, just place it in the correct position.

Gatling laser pointer

Post on: September 06,2018
   The GATLING laser has been around for many years and not new! So today I want to recommend this Gatlin handheld laser pointer.   This type of laser pointer seems to give a very powerful feeling. And actually it's really powerful. The gatling laser pointer portable and with richer applications laser pointer is a good guide for your traveling, and a good tool for pointing to the faraway target or stars and sending out the SOS signal. In addition, this laser pointer pen is also the best gift for friends and families. The body makes the laser light in the night vivid and unique.   Adopting high quality aluminum alloy, this style laser pointer pen is durable in use. With lightweight and handy design, it is very convenient to put in bags or pockets.    Moreover, at present, our type of laser launched on our website still has 5 heads, not only can there be radiation ignition, but also other very beautiful light.   At present, we have launched the Gatlin type of laser pens: black, gold, blue, and we will continue to launch the Gatlin type of different colors according to customer requirements. Hope you like it.   Here is the weblink of all gatling laser pointer:

About the presentation laser pointer

Post on: August 30,2018
   PPT flip pen is also known as the Laser pointer with remote control. It is a new type of patented electronic product designed for computer and multimedia projectors. It has been widely used in developed countries such as Europe and America.   In addition to the traditional laser pointer mapping function, it can also remotely remotely control the computer or multimedia projection device to remotely turn pages and freely demonstrate slides by simply pressing the up and down page buttons on the laser pointer. very convenient!   The wireless laser pointer completely liberates the user from the side of the computer, and the user does not have to keep it next to the computer. When you are teaching e-learning, presentations, and presentations, you need to note the key points. With a single touch, the red laser spot can be mapped to the screen content you want to emphasize. Every time you explain the key content, it is hard to "close contact" with the audience or walk in front of the projection screen.    At the same time, you can simply flip the relevant function button to flip the electronic document to the page you want to talk to. Up, unrestrained. No matter where you are in the classroom, in the lecture hall, or in the back of the conference room and interact with the audience, you can flip to the page by simply pressing the up and down page keys on the wireless laser pointer.   Wanted on the screen. You don't need to stay in front of the podium to operate the computer anymore, and you don't need to go back to the podium to change pages. Really reflects the wireless click, get unlimited!   The wireless laser pen is a good assistant for teachers, trainers, experts, scholars, professors, speakers and mobile business people. It is also a good business gift electronic gift. Laser electronic pointers can be widely used in schools, research institutes, government agencies, intellectual intensive enterprises, training centers, hospitals, hotels, exhibitions, bidding, business exchanges, etc. At the same time, wireless laser pointers are also necessary for projectors and notebook computers. Attachments and best promotional giveaways.   So you still don't buy a laser as a present or use it yourself?

Do you know what difference color laser pointers used for

Post on: August 23,2018
   There are many different color laser pointers on the market such as red laser pointer, green laser pointer, blue laser pointer, blue violet laser pointer and so on. So today, I want to discuss some about different color laser has different use.   The red laser pointers, also, more people know. Red laser mainly based on low power are usually used in teaching projection , business meetings and so on. Because the red dot is warm, and not very bright.   About green laser is light laser and the beam can focus to burning. Also because of the ligh is bright and the light is very clear so astronomy enthusiasts like to use green laser pointers to point fixed stars and constellation.   About blue laser in our web most of the blue laser pointers are of high power type, because the speed of light in blue is very beautiful and the cost is very high. For high-power blue laser pointers, it can be used to kill insects in the aquarium. Which one, you can consult customer service, so when you buy, you usually take a set of glasses. Protecting the eyes is very important.   By the way, though laser pointers are very useful, but we must use them carefully because they are harmful to our eyes.   Blue violet laser pointer is update of blue laser pointer, but the laser beam is very very beautiful, like blue also like purple.   If you want to know the different, you can buy this one: Multifunctional 3-in-1 Blue & Green & Red, The price of a laser pointer, three color laser pointer.

About violet laser pointer

Post on: August 16,2018
   Do you know violet laser pointer?    Today, let's talk to you about the violet laser pointer. I think the color of violet is beautifu and amazing. You can see this web:  all the laser is violet laser pointer.       Lasers emitting a violet light beam at 405 nm may be constructed with GaN (gallium nitride) semiconductors. This is close to ultraviolet, bordering on the very extreme of human vision, and can cause bright blue fluorescence, and thus a blue rather than violet spot, on many white surfaces, including white clothing, white paper, and projection screens, due to the widespread use of optical brighteners in the manufacture of products   intended to appear brilliantly white. On ordinary non-fluorescent materials, and also on fog or dust, the color appears as a shade of deep violet that   cannot be reproduced on monitors and print.    A GaN laser emits 405 nm directly without a frequency doubler, eliminating the possibility of accidental dangerous infrared emission. These laser diodes are mass-produced for the reading and writing of data in Blu-ray drives (although the light emitted by the diodes is not blue, but distinctly violet).    In mid-to-late 2011, 405 nm blue-violet laser diode modules with an optical power of 250 mW, based on GaN violet laser diodes made for Blu-ray disc readers, had reached the market from Chinese sources for prices of about US$60 including delivery.    At the same time, a few higher-powered (120 mW) 404–405 nm "violet" laser pointers have become available that are not based on GaN, but use DPSS frequency-doubler technology from 1-watt 808 nm GaAlAs infrared diode lasers.   As with infrared-driven green laser pointers above, such devices are able to pop balloons and light matches, but this is as a result of an unfiltered high-power infrared component in the beam.       Is your heart moving? Then take a quick look at this beautiful blue-violet laser pointer.    
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