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   Entertainment are one of the other applications of lasers. The most common use of laser in entertainment can be used in the special effects of laser display. High power laser pointers are used in clubs, parties and outdoor concerts, with safety precautions as a spectacle. lenses, mirrors and smog are often used in laser lenses.

   Laser pointer has also become a popular toy cat, dog or more. Its natural looting instinct is triggered by mobile laser. It will catch it and / or catch it as much as possible, but it is obviously not successful. As a result, the laser pointer has become a popular form of entertainment for many pet owners.

   In the magic show, the laser pointer is used as props.

   The laser pointer can be used for excursion or outdoor activity. High power laser pointers are smart enough to scare off large wild animals to make them useful for hiking and camping. In these cases, laser pointer can also be used as a useful survival tool, because it can be used as an emergency signal for aircraft and other parties to see rescue signals at extreme distances in the daytime and nighttime conditions. For example, in the evening of August 2010, the rescue team found a red laser pen, and two men and a boy were rescued from marshland.

   The laser pointer is accurately aligned as the laser sight to aim the firearm.Some troops aim at aircraft at night with lasers. This is done to ensure that the goals of "friendly" and "enemy" are not wrong. A friendly target may wear an infrared launcher, which is only visible to night vision people, such as pilots, to determine the exact location of enemy fighters. They only need laser beams detected by attacking aircraft to illuminate targets. This may be one of the most accurate ways to mark the target.

   In that case, are you really not ready to buy a laser pen yet?

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