Why the laser pen reacting slowly during the winter

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   When the laser pointer is in a working state, it always requires a certain operating environment. Typically, it has an acceptable operating temperature range of 10 to 40 degrees Celsius. Some special laser pointers may operate at operating temperatures ranging from 0-40 degrees Celsius to even lower operating temperatures.

   Preheating the laser tube is very important when the operating temperature of the laser pointer is much lower than expected. Especially for the head of the laser pen, the inner coating or hand should be preheated. If the laser pointer is activated in an indoor working environment, it will return to a formal or near formal working environment.

   In the case of poor working conditions in winter, the laser beam emission is always very weak at the beginning of the start, dim and not bright. After continuous pointing, the laser beam brightness returns to normal after usually 10 seconds. For example, the APC Green Laser Pointer achieves the best performance at 25 degrees Celsius. When the operating temperature is low, the laser operator should preheat the laser pointer. Low temperatures can greatly affect the formal work of the laser pointer.

   When the laser pointer's selected output power is higher than 30mw, the user should remember to wear laser goggles to protect the eyes.  Never try to stare at laser radiation and laser reflections. Any laser beam explosion can seriously damage the eyes and the retina.

   Sometimes there is heavy fog in winter, and laser operators should pay special attention to the operating environment. The user should prevent dust adhering to the laser indicating lens and affect the quality of the laser spot, which indirectly affects the thermal efficiency of the beam. Especially below zero temperature, the laser light may look weak and may not even start. In the winter, laser users should pay special attention to the surrounding environment to ensure the normal operation of the laser pointer.

   Whenever the user points to any active laser pointer, it should not point continuously.
Extremely high temperatures in the laser tube can cause internal laser crystals and laser diodes to burn out. The recommended operating time for the laser pointer should be 30 seconds and then cooled for 10 seconds.

   Laser users should always follow the correct operating instructions for the laser pointer. Laser pointers are not allowed to be directed to the public, animals and human eyes as well as body, moving vehicles, airplanes, etc.

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