Why the laser not burn

Post on: February 13,2019 By Widerlaser Category: Laser pointer introduction

In various high tech and entertainment working fields, laser pointers are always widely used in every corner of the world.

Someone might use a laser pointer without any problem more than 2 years. However, laser pointer might also burn out after very short term. Besides self problems of laser pointer, it is also very important to make proper operation of this laser gadget.

In formal green laser pointer operation work, it might stop work. Before it needs repairing from laser manufacturer, we might also check possible reasons as below:

1. Improper operation of laser pointer. Longer time continuous pointing of laser pointer might cause serious hot and temperature increasing of laser tube.

2. Throw or touch cause damage of laser pointer. Laser pointer is fragile product comparing with others. Improper using such as throwing might cause collision damage of modular structure. Laser pointer might not be able to point normal light.

3. Battery installed backwards. Lack of special attention, occasional battery installed anti might cause laser pointer burn out.

4. Product itself structure problem. Poor crystal quality and unstable electric circuit design can cause laser pointer problem.

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