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   In recent days, many animal lovers have come to consult with laser pointers and can play with cats. I can't say exactly why cats are interested in burning laser pointers, but I can ask why animals are particularly crazy about something.    


   Lasers that shine on the floor, walls, or plains naturally kill the cat's prey. They never really caught it, so assign them to keep hunting. Many animals have a fixed pattern of behavior in their behaviors, in which certain stimuli (called release stimuli) cause them to behave in a certain way each time the stimulus is presented.    

   Many years ago, researchers discovered that they could isolate certain aspects of the release of stimulants and make the animals' behavior predictable.  

   The most famous example is that they show the seagull chicks with red dots on a cane and keep them begging. The red dot worked because the mothers of the gulls had red spots at the end of the pipa. Despite this, the light spots produced by the laser pointer are likely to mimic something in the early evolutionary feline environment, causing them to chase and attempt to capture it.    

It may imitate some kind of food. Maybe it was the light of the night.  


   The cat's eyes are carefully evolved to track shiny things and movements. Sparks are equal to the eyes of animals and the wings of insects. Movement equals potential predators or predators. The laser is an artificial thing. It only manipulates these characteristics and is perfectly satisfactory for most cats. Cats like laser pointers because they have the instinct to chase and catch. For cats, the laser beam mimics animal activity in the wild. However, the trouble with laser pointers is that they are games that cats cannot win. Your cat can chase the laser until it drops, but it has never been satisfactorily captured and unsatisfied. 

   If you have a better idea, you can write to us.    

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