Whats the difference between laser pointer and flashlight

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   Laser is an radial and the flashlight emits a relatively wide spectrum of light from a multi-directional light source. The light is focused in a general direction by a parabolic mirror.

   Flashlights are designed to provide directional lighting for relatively short distances.It pervades and loses strength quite quickly.

   On the other hand, the laser beam diffuses very little and maintains long-range intensity. However, such a compact beam of light, finding its own way in the dark is not very useful. When you are tired of the FAA's troubles, you can now easily convert it into a bright white flashlight.

   The flashlight laser is a simple adapter that converts the Arctic-focused blue laser into a diffuse white 500 lumen beam, so it can be used as a relatively safe flashlight.

   The multifunctional flashlight illuminates things in three ways. Universal work tool, it integrates laser, ultraviolet and LED lights. The LED light feature provides two lighting levels that allow you to adjust the flashlight according to specific lighting conditions to improve your vision.Practical clips and magnetic positioning mechanisms allow your hands to release other tasks.

   Thanks to the integrated magnet, the flashlight can also be positioned according to the requirements of most electrical enclosures, allowing the user to point the light source in the desired direction for the task at hand.

   For example, an integrated laser can fix positions more precisely and perform projection measurements when lights are installed on the ceiling. Delaying the start interval by 2 seconds prevents the laser from starting accidentally. Due to the integrated UV lamp, the flashlight is also very suitable for technical inspections.

   Here is the flashlight laser light you can see: https://www.widelasers.com/c/flashlight-51

   OK, above is the difference between a laser pen and a flashlight!

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