Whats the best or bad of laser pointer

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   I think it depends on your goal. The green laser is the most obvious. There is a tighter beam. The blue laser makes the green fluorescent red and it is the strongest.

   The green laser sight gives up your position (if you aim it, red might be better because you don't see too much beam scatter). Take a more liberal definition, not just reflection color, because the light source is monochromatic, which means a color. So many green lasers are more expensive than other color lasers. The performance varies greatly and the life is relatively short. The high current consumption of the battery. It can usually be "tuned" to produce high output power. The 532nm laser is almost at the peak of human eye sensitivity, so the laser looks very bright compared to other colors at the same power level.

   Red: Very cheap laser, but also ordinary laser. The shorter red wavelength is obvious, but the longer wavelength is not too bright.
Green: Very close to optimal visibility. Cats seem to prefer red.

   Blue: Visibility is very low compared to green. Compared to 670 nm (dark red), the visibility is the same or worse. Poor beam quality. (due to smaller focal spot size and reduced aversion response). But the beam of high blue laser pointer is very clear.

   Violet: All the worst visibility. This is a very beautiful color, but it looks very dark, even if it is strong enough to burn the target. A 5mW violet laser can hardly be used as a pointer. More power is quite dangerous because the perceived brightness there is very low.

   If you want to know about other color lasers, you can email us and we can give you the best answer.

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