What makes a laser pointer burning

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Today, there are hundreds of different types of lasers and laser pointers online. 

Therefore, if you need high-power equipment on the market, you may ask yourself: "What makes a laser pointer eligible to burn a laser?" Here, we will study various types of handheld lasers and determine whether the laser can burn Factors, please continue reading.

One:Output power (MW or Watt)

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This is the most important factor in determining whether a single laser is a combustion unit (rather than beam color). 

Today, today's lasers can rise from less than 5 MW to 5000 MW or 5 watts, which means knowing where the combustion threshold is, and this threshold is usually at least 100 MW. 

This means that any laser below 100 megawatts will be forced to burn anything and will not be completely eliminated. Any laser over 100 megawatts will be considered a combustion device, but not all lasers are the same. 

The higher the megawatt power, the stronger the burning ability, so if 100 megawatts of power can only pop a black balloon and light a match, you will not be able to cut the tape. 

You need 500 megawatts or more of power to get the maximum burning capacity. The greater the power, the better the distance and combustion effect.

Two:Laser style and burning ability

Therefore, since we know that at least 100 megawatts of power are required, and the higher the power, the better the combustion performance, so we need to study different types of lasers. 

Generally speaking, AAA battery-powered pen or key-chain lasers are almost never regarded as burning lasers. 

Many of them are low power, about 5 megawatts, which means they will be visible and useful, but cannot light matches or pop balloons. 

Large batteries using rechargeable batteries constitute almost all lasers that are classified as burning. Therefore, be sure to check the main body and battery of any unit. 

If this pen is powered by AAA batteries, it may not be a high-power combustion laser.

Three : Misrepresentation and burning

In addition, the cheapest lasers do not use infrared filters, which means that their power readings are not only incorrect but also inaccurate. 

Since the device without the filter will emit visible light and invisible light at the same time, its power reading is higher than the actual visible light. 

By using infrared filters, we can ensure that the beam is inherently safe and you can get accurate power readings. 

For us, a 100mW green laser at 532nm is actually a 100mW green laser. No invisible light will distort the reading.

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