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Many customers want to buy a laser pen but don't know how to choose it. Today I will introduce the use of various types of laser pointers so that you can better choose the laser pointer that suits you.

Blue, green and purple laser pointer features:

The illumination point of the laser pointer depends not only on the output power and apparent brightness of the laser reflected from the surface, but also on the color version of the human eye. For example, the human eye is most sensitive to the visible spectrum wavelengths of 520 nm to 570 nm and less sensitive to red and blue laser wavelengths. As a result, the 532 nm green laser is brighter than other color lasers having the same output power.

Blue laser pointer

The blue laser pen was originally produced by the 473 nm DPSS blue laser and is very expensive and unstable. With the development of CASIO, including high-brightness projector hybrid light sources made of 445nm blue laser diodes, very high power 445nm portable lasers are being developed and widely used.

Laser technology engineers also developed blue laser pointers made of 450nm blue laser diodes. Its output power is 1mW and 5mW. The projected blue laser beam is very pure, slightly closer to blue-violet.

Green laser pointer

In astronomical research, laser amateurs or astronomers may use a Class IIIa 532nm 5mw green laser pointer for stargazing. This type of laser pointer is widely used by leading astronomy enthusiasts to point to stars, constellations and other celestial bodies. The green laser beam is only visible in very dark operating environments. Astronomical observers do not need to choose high power lasers.

Blue-violet laser pointer

Made of 405nm blue-violet laser diode, the blue-violet laser pointer is a semiconductor laser that is close to ultraviolet light. Low visibility, but can stimulate fluorescence. It is suitable for banknote testing and chemical inspection.

Hope you can find best laser you want.

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