What kind of laser pointer burning effect is best

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   Today I want to discuss with the problem: What kind of laser pointer burning effect is best .I think more and more people want to know this problem. If you have learned about the laser pen, you will know that if laser pointer’s temperature is higher , the better the combustion effect. But it just very simple explanation, now let us to know the detail.

   Although the color is important point, but in fact, power is key point. In the different colors of the laser,choose the most powerful can ignite.  Regardless of the color, including (green laser, red laser, blue laser, blue-violet laser) .If the actual power enough 50mw, and this laser pointer is focus laser, just need 15 seconds,can burning ,so power is the largest laser pen.

   The same power laser pen what color the strongest burning ability? Differences in slight burning due to wavelength. The greater the power, the stronger the combustion power. Instead of considering the small differences due to wavelength reasons, might as well directly to the size of the power to be. 250mw red is stronger than the 200mw blue, you say your 250mw not strong, I can say the so-called 250mw red power is false,maybe it just 100mw. Or 200mw blue laser pointer power measured larger.

   As for the different wavelengths, with the same power of the laser, the burning is diffferent. Regardless of the color of the laser pointer, no matter how much power advertises, humans can see the light wavelength range is 380nm-760nm .The most sensitive to human eye light wavelength is about 550nm, which is green laser , So human beings will feel the brightest of green laser pen .

   Which color's laser pointer has the highest heat buildup?
   Compare the difference can see:
   Brightness: green> red> blue <blue-violet
   Ignition ability: blue>blue-violet>red>green

   Stability: blue>blue-violet>red>green (green affected by climate)

   What color laser pen ignition"s effect is best?
   Brightness: Green>red>blue
   Temperature: blue >red>green
   The green laser with high power can focus, a 2000mw of green laser pointer, can focus seconds to light the newspaper, also it can light cigarette quickly.Some ten watts of blue light can hit birds. As for what kind of better well, each have their own characteristics, we must look at the preferences of everyone.

   What color laser pen brightness is the strongest?

   Generally, in the same power, green laser is strongest sense of color, 30mw at night you can see a clear light, 100mw green night light is very dazzling.

   In summary, If you want to buy burning laser ,the laser power is key point. And here is important point : don’t believe cheap price can buy burning laser!

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