What does laser mean

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   A laser is an artificial light whose brightness is 10 billion times that of the sun.  


   The principle of laser was  discovered by famous American physicist Albert Einstein in 1916, but it was not until 1960 that the laser was successfully manufactured for the first time.  It is called the fastest knife, the most precise ruler, the brightest light and the magical laser.  Laser drivers are an important part of laser generation.  Physical lasers represent light amplification through the stimulation of radiation.   

   Optically, it is a device that   emits light by optically processing the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation.     

Lasers can be used for different purposes for industrial, medical, physical research and other possible uses. If you need more details.   


   You can find answers in any book on laser physics.  A laser is a device that emits light through an optical amplification process through the stimulated   emission of electromagnetic radiation.  The term "laser" originated from the acronym "radioactive light amplification."   

   By using a high voltage, an   inert gas and a reactive gas can be generated at an appropriate temperature   and coherent light, and then optically, focusing and orientation can be performed. 


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