What about think the red laser sights better than green laser sights

Post on: July 13,2018 By Widerlaser Category: Laser pointer introduction

   What about think the red laser sights better than green laser sights?

   Some laser's lover talk me about this question. I think it depends on the environment and time of day.

   In many situations, green tends to perform better, especially outdoor. The problem with the red lasers is that there are more reds in the sky and it tends to wash out the red in your laser. In contrast, there are less green lights in nature, so it's harder to wash out the green laser.

   In indoor type situations, you can virtually flip a coin. Just remember, lasers work both ways.

   Actually, the green ones are considered better and have a much higher price tag as well. Red laser sights can be hard to see in daylight. Green ones appear brighter in those conditions. In the same power, green laser is more visible than red laser.

   The red ones have been around for a long time because the engineers figured out how to mass produce them before they figured out the green lasers.

   Simply because neon green is easier seen by the human eye. Green is a more accepting color for your eyes. Also teacher like red laser.

   So, what do you think about?

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