What about the laser and lights different

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   Light generated by lasers differs from normal light in two ways:

   One, it is coherent. This means that all the light being emitted is going in the same direction. That's why a laser pointer can make a small, bright dot at a long distance, while a normal flashlight can't. Another one, lasers normally emit light of a single frequency. So, it it's visible light, it will be of a  pure color from the spectrum. 

   It is better to not think of a laser as a "type of light", but rather wavelength(s) within the electromagnetic spectrum. Light, as you know it, is also part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Most of what you think you know about lasers is false.    

   A laser resonator on the other hand can filter out light of the wrong direction or wavelength, and because of amplification, only the light getting through the filters is amplified. In this way, we can amplify the narrow band or the collimation of the light. It is so strikingly more collimated and narrow band than ordinary light sources that people have said it is "monochromatic" "perfectly in phase" or "goes on forever without diverging." None of these is true.  

   Both ordinary light and laser light are electromagnetic waves. Therefore, both travel with the velocity of light in vacuum. However, laser light has very important and unique properties that cannot be seen in nature. 

   Laser are concentrated mono-Chromatic light. Where as light is a mixture of all colors what called Vibgyor. Light bearing of many   frequencies spreads, scatters and hence doesn't look like laser but laser and light have same geometric properties like both of them show rectilinear propagation.

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