The purpose of some people buying laser pointers

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Many people now come to buy laser pointers, because the purpose of laser pointers is very wide. If you don't know the purpose of laser pointers, please see the introduction of this article.

Teacher/Lecturer - For classroom instruction, it is like an infinite extension of the pointer, allowing you to easily indicate any position on the blackboard in any corner of the classroom without having to walk around the blackboard.

Business People / Conference Spokesperson - For product presentations and conference presentations, make your presentations free and communicate with customers more easily and naturally.

Showroom/Guide - When you are helpless with the goal of “Tifficult to reach”, it can help you get the target out easily and accurately.

Wild Traveler/Explorer - Conduct wilderness adventures, direct distant targets and send distress signals to make your trip more enjoyable and safe.

Astronomy Enthusiast - For the astronomical star, the green laser beam is a very beautiful green line that is suitable for observation in the night sky and can help you point out the position of the star.

Construction site/mining site - For remote and accurate indication of buildings, you can avoid being close to dangerous areas, making you like a field conductor.

Self-defense - When you are hit by a dangerous animal in the mountains, or when a criminal robs, your life and property are threatened, you can use a laser pointer to defend, you can use a high-power laser pointer to scare the enemy.

In addition, I want to emphasize that the laser pen is not a toy, the laser is a dangerous thing, do not use the laser pen as a toy for children.

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