The difference of laser light and LED light

Post on: July 06,2018 By Widerlaser Category: Laser pointer introduction

   Laser refers to the amplification of light by stimulated emission of radiation. LED flashlight refers to LED.

   The LED is a diode. The LED is just a semiconductor diode (p-n) junction that emits a broad spectrum of light. The light will not be the same. We have different types of LEDs that can produce different colors (or wavelengths).

   When it comes to lasers, LASER is the name of a technology that is used to generate a coherent beam by stimulated emission. If there are gas lasers, semiconductor lasers, solid-state lasers, etc., there are many types of lasers.

   The biggest difference is that the laser emits coherent light, while the LED emits only colored light.  So the LED lights up everything like a candle, and the laser emits a beam of light. A semiconductor laser is a laser similar to an LED.  A particular laser emits a specific wavelength. And there are so many lasers emitting visible and invisible spectra. Compared with LEDs, the emission spectrum is very narrow.


   Laser is a device that produces a coherent and focused beam. But the LED is not focused and it has a diffused laser pointer. It is used for flashlights. The laser produces a straight path of a high intensity beam. And led is an omnidirectional light source.

   For the difference between the two, there is no need to go deeper. Just know that one is direct light and the other is radiation.

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