Several key issues with laser pointers

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   What is the price difference of the laser pointer?

   Laser pointers with different output powers and wavelengths produce different production costs and different technical requirements. For example, a green laser and a 200 mw red laser get the same price range. Red lasers above 300mw are more expensive. Blue lasers, especially high output power, have lower requirements on raw material costs and technical requirements. It is always available at a lower price.

   How to wear laser goggles correctly?

   The laser pointer is dangerous to the laser every time it is operated. If you are just a long-distance external exposure point, you do not need to wear laser goggles. Long-range laser illumination, the laser does not scatter or reflect on the eyes. Only when the laser pointer is pointed at a close distance will the laser cause reflection, scattering, and diffusion. Part of the laser will shine on the eyes. Long-term viewing can be dizzy and tired. In this case, a pair of laser goggles is required.

   When the laser pointer beam is visible?

   If you choose a very low output power, you will not see the laser beam at night and during the day. The beam of the 532 nm green laser pointer up to 30 mW is clearly visible. During the day, the green laser beam can even be seen indoors. A higher output power laser pointer results in a stronger and more intense green laser pointer beam.

   Which output power laser pointer can be used as a combustion laser?

   Higher power laser pointers always have a higher burning capacity. The laser pointer rises 100mw for easy combustion matching. The 200mw laser pen can burn cigars, cut tapes, and popular balloons.

   What is the difference between a red laser and a green laser?

   The red laser wavelengths are 635 nm and 650 nm, and the green laser wavelengths are 515 nm, 520 nm, and 532 nm. Different wavelengths of laser light produce laser beams and spots of different colors during operation. A red laser with a certain output power has a better burning power than a green laser. Different laser characteristics make the visibility of the red laser beam much weaker than the green laser with the same power. Green lasers can achieve brighter and more pronounced green laser beam radiation. The user can determine the quality of the laser pointer only with exact requirements and personal preferences.

   What is the difference between a laser pointer and a handheld laser?

   1. The low-power laser pointer selects the pen design, and the high-power laser selects the hand-held flashlight design to get more space for the larger laser module. High power handheld lasers require more space as their thermal stability system. Handheld lasers always add the ability to adjust the focus and safety key protectors.  

   2. Different operating hours. The laser pointer has a maximum brightness of no more than 15 seconds and then cools down for 10 seconds. Hand-held lasers indicate continuous illumination for no more than 3 minutes.

   3. Hand-held laser adopts adjustable focal length design to provide customers with more practical functions.

   What is the key point of the blue laser?

   The blue laser with a fascinating and attractive sapphire blue laser beam is very popular among laser amateurs and professionals. Laser enthusiasts even use high-power blue lasers for various combustion experiments. When users use high power blue lasers, users should pay attention to:

   1. Long-term continuous combustion will cause extreme heat, which will affect the service life of the laser tube and then burn out. The recommended pointing time is 30 seconds and cools down.

   2. Correctly install the battery positive and negative blue laser pointer.

   3. Be careful of dust, do not use blue laser in smoke and water vapor environment.

   4. Close-range blue laser pointing at the object, the user should pay attention to the laser diffuse, reflect and refract light, and prevent eye damage.

   5. The safe operation of the blue laser should not illuminate flammable substances, humans and animals.

   6. Remove the battery when you are not using the blue laser, just place it in the correct position.

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