Safety use of laser pointer

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Avoid direct contact between the laser and the flammable product. High power lasers are more dangerous.

Do not operate the laser pointer at ambient temperatures of up to 35 degrees Celsius or below 0 degrees Celsius to avoid accelerated laser aging. The continuous working time of the laser pen should not exceed 2 minutes in winter and should not exceed 1 minute in summer to prevent aging. If you do not use it for a long time, be sure to remove the battery. Place the laser pointer in a place where it is protected from moisture and static electricity.

The safety of the laser is very important when using the laser pointer. Never point it at your eyes and other vulnerable areas and prevent laser light from reaching your eyes.

The laser pointer passes through the complex lateral direction of the 1064 nm infrared laser and is finally converted to a 532nm laser. It cannot project a laser beam directly from a laser diode. It leads to higher production costs for lasers, but it is always safer.

How is the laser pointer suitable?

Teaching, speaking or speaking. Laser pointers are the most common application in teaching. It is a modern mold or equipment. Its application is just to keep the speakers off the stage and to use them anytime, anywhere. It has done a great job in speeches, speeches, business meetings and more.

Astronomical stargazing and constellation observation. Laser pointers are very popular among laser amateurs and astronomers because of the most obvious and sensitive laser projections.

The high power laser pointer projects high-intensity laser beams and spots at night. Laser amateurs can use it for clear stargazing, constellation observations, low clouds and other celestial bodies.

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