Non-lethal control of goose and pests by high-power laser

Post on: September 12,2020 By Widerlaser Category: Laser pointer introduction

Nowadays, high-power laser pointers are not only used to illuminate games and balloons.

There are many loads in the real world that use bright laser beams to achieve specific goals.

It started from search and rescue, construction, drilling, mining, etc. Nowadays, lasers in various ways are used more and more.

The number of homeowners and airports using powerful green lasers as pest control equipment is increasing, especially to drive geese.

The best choice is the green laser pointer. Because the 532nm green laser is the brightest color in the human eye, the green laser is 5-10 times brighter than any other laser color.

Therefore, a 100 MW green laser is much brighter than a 100 MW blue, red or violet laser.

In addition, since the repellent is completed during the day, you need a high-brightness laser pointer, otherwise it will not have a great impact on them.

When a bright laser beam hits a flock of geese, only one of them needs to be frightened to signal that the entire flock is running away.

This means you don't have to cover the entire flock. The bright laser beam hits birds that they don't recognize, so they instinctively run away, which will shock the birds.

This is also a non-lethal and harmless method.

In laser pest control, homeowners also account for a large proportion.

Even some goose excrement often pollutes lawns and property. This means that if you are tired of seeing goose droppings step on it, then a powerful laser beam is the humanized solution you want.

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