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  At present, laser technology has made great progress in many aspects.

Whether for a specific application or some other reason, we can see the laser beam during the day and night, and some specifications are required.

  Like flashlights or car headlights, no matter the color or beam intensity exceeds 1 milliwatt, the laser can be seen very clearly at night, in the dark or at dusk.

  Since many lasers have an activation power of 100 megawatts, visibility at night is very clear. Use it during the day, but you must use higher power.

  The 532nm green laser pointer is the brightest color that the human eye can see. When it comes to visibility during the day, you would expect it to be paired with a green beam.

  Under the same megawatt power, the brightness of the green laser is 5-7 times that of other lasers.

  200mW is the starting point of the beam that can be seen during the real day. The higher the power of the laser pointer, the better the visibility.

  At least 200 MW is a good starting point to shoot trees or shooting ranges. But the greater the intensity, the better the effect during the day.

  It is also a wise choice to use a laser that can widen or thin the beam for focus adjustment.

  By making the beam thinner or more concentrated, the intensity of the beam can be increased. This will make it more visible during the day.

  The specific laser you should consider depends on a few things, that is, the specific application you will use it for.

If you are a tree planter or landscape designer, you will want something green, high-energy, and can easily point out the branches and branches you want to remove or trim.

  For other applications, such as presentations, you can choose something with a lower power, because there is no doubt that you will use a laser on the blackboard or whiteboard projection screen, so you can be lighter. No matter where you are directly facing the sun, if you are unsure, it is wiser to use high power than low power.

  At the same intensity, green will be the brightest laser beam color, and 200mW is the minimum starting point for outdoor use.

  Remember, the higher the microwave power, the greater the laser intensity required to use the laser during the day, and the longer the use distance, the better.

  All the laser question,can tell us,we can help you better.

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