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Post on: November 16,2020 By Widerlaser Category: Laser pointer introduction

With the advancement of technology, the use of laser pointers has become more and more extensive, not only for lighting in life, but also for daily work.
Whether you are a teacher, a trainer, or a business person, as long as you use a presentation, you must need a laser pointer, which not only can completely free you from the computer, but also has a delicate appearance and is easy to carry.
It is
This portable red laser pointer pen will be an excellent indicator to replace pointers.
It is not only compact, lightweight and easy to use, but also can be used in many occasions, such as scientific research institutes, government agencies, intelligence-intensive enterprises, training centers, Used in hospitals, hotels, exhibitions, bidding and other occasions.
At the same time, the wireless laser pointer is also an essential accessory and the best promotional gift for projectors and notebook computers.
Its output power is 5mW, it emits a red beam light, the laser range is about 15 miles, it combines the latest technology of green laser optics and microelectronics, it is highly practical and easy to operate.
The most important thing is that the price is still very affordable. If you are an excellent speaker, what are you waiting for?

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