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The laser pen is not only your pet's toy, it is a more useful and useful tool in your daily life or work. Have you ever thought that the laser pen you bought can help you a lot in many ways, let us find out some for your reference:

1. Pointing. Its original purpose was to point things up rather than funny cats, with different power outputs. Laser pens have different laser ranges, some work only in the lecturer's classroom, and some shoot directly to the edge of the sky.

2. Toys. Common applications in everyday family life, especially when you have cats or dogs. The laser pointer is a great toy that can be played with your pet and children, but make sure the power is low enough to avoid pointing directly at the eyes.

3. Calibration. Few people admit that laser pointers are great for calibration, and a single parallel laser beam can help you calibrate anything you need.

4.A laser pointer above 500mw can ignite flammable materials such as matches, cigarettes, rubber and plastic bags. As power increases, you can use it to trigger a distant fireworks fuse, which is safer if you want to do it by hand.

5. Night illumination. A laser pointer with an adjustable filter lens will diversify the laser beam and create a beautiful light pattern that feels like a club or bar that inspires your nightlife.

6. Astronomy guide. Even a 3-level green laser pointer can point to the constellation. The green laser beam is ideal for reaching the farthest sky and remains visible, which is very helpful for sky observers to watch the stars.

7. Experiment. If you want to experience knowledge in the disciplines of optics and physics, laser pointers are the ideal experimental tool. By using it, you will know more about lights and lasers.

8. Self-defense. High-power laser pointers are dangerous when you shoot at humans or animals, and it can burn your skin or blind your eyes for a sufficient amount of time. Therefore, like a knife or a gun, the powerful laser pointer is strong enough for self-defense.

9. Flash. By changing the lens, the laser pointer can also be used as a flash to provide outdoor visibility during camping or travel.

10. Laser saber. That's why many people buy laser pointers for fun. A laser pointer with a special glass tube makes it look like a real laser sword. Although it's not powerful enough to cut something, it's still very attractive.

The application of the laser pointer will never end with a list. In fact, people can explore it themselves, and you will find many new things during use.

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