Laser pointer introduction(30)

Several key issues with laser pointers

Post on: September 14,2018
   What is the price difference of the laser pointer?   Laser pointers with different output powers and wavelengths produce different production costs and different technical requirements. For example, a green laser and a 200 mw red laser get the same price range. Red lasers above 300mw are more expensive. Blue lasers, especially high output power, have lower requirements on raw material costs and technical requirements. It is always available at a lower price.   How to wear laser goggles correctly?   The laser pointer is dangerous to the laser every time it is operated. If you are just a long-distance external exposure point, you do not need to wear laser goggles. Long-range laser illumination, the laser does not scatter or reflect on the eyes. Only when the laser pointer is pointed at a close distance will the laser cause reflection, scattering, and diffusion. Part of the laser will shine on the eyes. Long-term viewing can be dizzy and tired. In this case, a pair of laser goggles is required.   When the laser pointer beam is visible?   If you choose a very low output power, you will not see the laser beam at night and during the day. The beam of the 532 nm green laser pointer up to 30 mW is clearly visible. During the day, the green laser beam can even be seen indoors. A higher output power laser pointer results in a stronger and more intense green laser pointer beam.    Which output power laser pointer can be used as a combustion laser?   Higher power laser pointers always have a higher burning capacity. The laser pointer rises 100mw for easy combustion matching. The 200mw laser pen can burn cigars, cut tapes, and popular balloons.   What is the difference between a red laser and a green laser?   The red laser wavelengths are 635 nm and 650 nm, and the green laser wavelengths are 515 nm, 520 nm, and 532 nm. Different wavelengths of laser light produce laser beams and spots of different colors during operation. A red laser with a certain output power has a better burning power than a green laser. Different laser characteristics make the visibility of the red laser beam much weaker than the green laser with the same power. Green lasers can achieve brighter and more pronounced green laser beam radiation. The user can determine the quality of the laser pointer only with exact requirements and personal preferences.   What is the difference between a laser pointer and a handheld laser?   1. The low-power laser pointer selects the pen design, and the high-power laser selects the hand-held flashlight design to get more space for the larger laser module. High power handheld lasers require more space as their thermal stability system. Handheld lasers always add the ability to adjust the focus and safety key protectors.      2. Different operating hours. The laser pointer has a maximum brightness of no more than 15 seconds and then cools down for 10 seconds. Hand-held lasers indicate continuous illumination for no more than 3 minutes.   3. Hand-held laser adopts adjustable focal length design to provide customers with more practical functions.   What is the key point of the blue laser?   The blue laser with a fascinating and attractive sapphire blue laser beam is very popular among laser amateurs and professionals. Laser enthusiasts even use high-power blue lasers for various combustion experiments. When users use high power blue lasers, users should pay attention to:   1. Long-term continuous combustion will cause extreme heat, which will affect the service life of the laser tube and then burn out. The recommended pointing time is 30 seconds and cools down.   2. Correctly install the battery positive and negative blue laser pointer.   3. Be careful of dust, do not use blue laser in smoke and water vapor environment.   4. Close-range blue laser pointing at the object, the user should pay attention to the laser diffuse, reflect and refract light, and prevent eye damage.   5. The safe operation of the blue laser should not illuminate flammable substances, humans and animals.   6. Remove the battery when you are not using the blue laser, just place it in the correct position.

Gatling laser pointer

Post on: September 06,2018
   The GATLING laser has been around for many years and not new! So today I want to recommend this Gatlin handheld laser pointer.   This type of laser pointer seems to give a very powerful feeling. And actually it's really powerful. The gatling laser pointer portable and with richer applications laser pointer is a good guide for your traveling, and a good tool for pointing to the faraway target or stars and sending out the SOS signal. In addition, this laser pointer pen is also the best gift for friends and families. The body makes the laser light in the night vivid and unique.   Adopting high quality aluminum alloy, this style laser pointer pen is durable in use. With lightweight and handy design, it is very convenient to put in bags or pockets.    Moreover, at present, our type of laser launched on our website still has 5 heads, not only can there be radiation ignition, but also other very beautiful light.   At present, we have launched the Gatlin type of laser pens: black, gold, blue, and we will continue to launch the Gatlin type of different colors according to customer requirements. Hope you like it.   Here is the weblink of all gatling laser pointer:

About the presentation laser pointer

Post on: August 30,2018
   PPT flip pen is also known as the Laser pointer with remote control. It is a new type of patented electronic product designed for computer and multimedia projectors. It has been widely used in developed countries such as Europe and America.   In addition to the traditional laser pointer mapping function, it can also remotely remotely control the computer or multimedia projection device to remotely turn pages and freely demonstrate slides by simply pressing the up and down page buttons on the laser pointer. very convenient!   The wireless laser pointer completely liberates the user from the side of the computer, and the user does not have to keep it next to the computer. When you are teaching e-learning, presentations, and presentations, you need to note the key points. With a single touch, the red laser spot can be mapped to the screen content you want to emphasize. Every time you explain the key content, it is hard to "close contact" with the audience or walk in front of the projection screen.    At the same time, you can simply flip the relevant function button to flip the electronic document to the page you want to talk to. Up, unrestrained. No matter where you are in the classroom, in the lecture hall, or in the back of the conference room and interact with the audience, you can flip to the page by simply pressing the up and down page keys on the wireless laser pointer.   Wanted on the screen. You don't need to stay in front of the podium to operate the computer anymore, and you don't need to go back to the podium to change pages. Really reflects the wireless click, get unlimited!   The wireless laser pen is a good assistant for teachers, trainers, experts, scholars, professors, speakers and mobile business people. It is also a good business gift electronic gift. Laser electronic pointers can be widely used in schools, research institutes, government agencies, intellectual intensive enterprises, training centers, hospitals, hotels, exhibitions, bidding, business exchanges, etc. At the same time, wireless laser pointers are also necessary for projectors and notebook computers. Attachments and best promotional giveaways.   So you still don't buy a laser as a present or use it yourself?

Do you know what difference color laser pointers used for

Post on: August 23,2018
   There are many different color laser pointers on the market such as red laser pointer, green laser pointer, blue laser pointer, blue violet laser pointer and so on. So today, I want to discuss some about different color laser has different use.   The red laser pointers, also, more people know. Red laser mainly based on low power are usually used in teaching projection , business meetings and so on. Because the red dot is warm, and not very bright.   About green laser is light laser and the beam can focus to burning. Also because of the ligh is bright and the light is very clear so astronomy enthusiasts like to use green laser pointers to point fixed stars and constellation.   About blue laser in our web most of the blue laser pointers are of high power type, because the speed of light in blue is very beautiful and the cost is very high. For high-power blue laser pointers, it can be used to kill insects in the aquarium. Which one, you can consult customer service, so when you buy, you usually take a set of glasses. Protecting the eyes is very important.   By the way, though laser pointers are very useful, but we must use them carefully because they are harmful to our eyes.   Blue violet laser pointer is update of blue laser pointer, but the laser beam is very very beautiful, like blue also like purple.   If you want to know the different, you can buy this one: Multifunctional 3-in-1 Blue & Green & Red, The price of a laser pointer, three color laser pointer.

About violet laser pointer

Post on: August 16,2018
   Do you know violet laser pointer?    Today, let's talk to you about the violet laser pointer. I think the color of violet is beautifu and amazing. You can see this web:  all the laser is violet laser pointer.       Lasers emitting a violet light beam at 405 nm may be constructed with GaN (gallium nitride) semiconductors. This is close to ultraviolet, bordering on the very extreme of human vision, and can cause bright blue fluorescence, and thus a blue rather than violet spot, on many white surfaces, including white clothing, white paper, and projection screens, due to the widespread use of optical brighteners in the manufacture of products   intended to appear brilliantly white. On ordinary non-fluorescent materials, and also on fog or dust, the color appears as a shade of deep violet that   cannot be reproduced on monitors and print.    A GaN laser emits 405 nm directly without a frequency doubler, eliminating the possibility of accidental dangerous infrared emission. These laser diodes are mass-produced for the reading and writing of data in Blu-ray drives (although the light emitted by the diodes is not blue, but distinctly violet).    In mid-to-late 2011, 405 nm blue-violet laser diode modules with an optical power of 250 mW, based on GaN violet laser diodes made for Blu-ray disc readers, had reached the market from Chinese sources for prices of about US$60 including delivery.    At the same time, a few higher-powered (120 mW) 404–405 nm "violet" laser pointers have become available that are not based on GaN, but use DPSS frequency-doubler technology from 1-watt 808 nm GaAlAs infrared diode lasers.   As with infrared-driven green laser pointers above, such devices are able to pop balloons and light matches, but this is as a result of an unfiltered high-power infrared component in the beam.       Is your heart moving? Then take a quick look at this beautiful blue-violet laser pointer.    

What about the laser and lights different

Post on: August 09,2018
   Light generated by lasers differs from normal light in two ways:    One, it is coherent. This means that all the light being emitted is going in the same direction. That's why a laser pointer can make a small, bright dot at a long distance, while a normal flashlight can't. Another one, lasers normally emit light of a single frequency. So, it it's visible light, it will be of a  pure color from the spectrum.     It is better to not think of a laser as a "type of light", but rather wavelength(s) within the electromagnetic spectrum. Light, as you know it, is also part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Most of what you think you know about lasers is false.       A laser resonator on the other hand can filter out light of the wrong direction or wavelength, and because of amplification, only the light getting through the filters is amplified. In this way, we can amplify the narrow band or the collimation of the light. It is so strikingly more collimated and narrow band than ordinary light sources that people have said it is "monochromatic" "perfectly in phase" or "goes on forever without diverging." None of these is true.      Both ordinary light and laser light are electromagnetic waves. Therefore, both travel with the velocity of light in vacuum. However, laser light has very important and unique properties that cannot be seen in nature.     Laser are concentrated mono-Chromatic light. Where as light is a mixture of all colors what called Vibgyor. Light bearing of many   frequencies spreads, scatters and hence doesn't look like laser but laser and light have same geometric properties like both of them show rectilinear propagation.    Here is flashligh and laser, you can into web to see the detail: 

Super hot laser pointer

Post on: August 04,2018
   Yes, today we want to suggeat one laser with super hot laser pointer!!     First, this one  laser is the most powerful in our web. High than 30000 mw laser pointer. Second, the laser is red, I believe that you rarely see the power of this high or the red laser pointer. Third, this laser pen has been on the shelves for half a month and has been a sales champion for several days.       Just this one:    The portable and with richer applications laser pointer is a good guide for your traveling, and a good   tool for pointing to the faraway target or stars and sending out the SOS signal.        Adopting high quality   stainless steel, this red laser pointer pen is durable in use. With   lightweight and handy design, it is very convenient to put in bags or   pockets.     In addition, this red laser   pointer pen is also the best gift for friends and families. Silver body makes   the laser light in the night vivid and unique.       Just use 1x18650 battery you will find the power is high than other laser pointer.    Don't miss it,now this one is promotion price.    

Whats the best or bad of laser pointer

Post on: July 24,2018
   I think it depends on your goal. The green laser is the most obvious. There is a tighter beam. The blue laser makes the green fluorescent red and it is the strongest.   The green laser sight gives up your position (if you aim it, red might be better because you don't see too much beam scatter). Take a more liberal definition, not just reflection color, because the light source is monochromatic, which means a color. So many green lasers are more expensive than other color lasers. The performance varies greatly and the life is relatively short. The high current consumption of the battery. It can usually be "tuned" to produce high output power. The 532nm laser is almost at the peak of human eye sensitivity, so the laser looks very bright compared to other colors at the same power level.   Red: Very cheap laser, but also ordinary laser. The shorter red wavelength is obvious, but the longer wavelength is not too bright.Green: Very close to optimal visibility. Cats seem to prefer red.   Blue: Visibility is very low compared to green. Compared to 670 nm (dark red), the visibility is the same or worse. Poor beam quality. (due to smaller focal spot size and reduced aversion response). But the beam of high blue laser is very clear.   Violet: All the worst visibility. This is a very beautiful color, but it looks very dark, even if it is strong enough to burn the target. A 5mW violet laser can hardly be used as a pointer. More power is quite dangerous because the perceived brightness there is very low.   If you want to know about other color lasers, you can email us and we can give you the best answer.

How far does the laser pointer can reach

Post on: July 18,2018
   Technically? It is possible to go to the end of the universe (there is such a thing). But in reality, it depends on the laser pointer. Nowadays, some "laser indicators" outside China are so powerful that they look like lightsabers, dust particles scattered in the atmosphere, as you can see. Most laser pointers produce milliwatts of power, which is great for driving miles if it is very collimated.    Collimation is a measure of how much the beam is amplified over a given distance, while inexpensive laser pointers are generally not well collimated, although this is rapidly changing. So this is really not a question of how far they can go, but whether you can identify a light spot, depending on what direction you see and as much as anything else.   If you are a few miles away, someone points your way to a laser pointer and happens to aim at your eyes, you will definitely see it. But if the pointer points to the wall next to you, then you won't know where it is.   So, I think you can buy a laser pointer to check.

What about think the red laser sights better than green laser sights

Post on: July 13,2018
   What about think the red laser sights better than green laser sights?   Some laser's lover talk me about this question. I think it depends on the environment and time of day.   In many situations, green tends to perform better, especially outdoor. The problem with the red lasers is that there are more reds in the sky and it tends to wash out the red in your laser. In contrast, there are less green lights in nature, so it's harder to wash out the green laser.    In indoor type situations, you can virtually flip a coin. Just remember, lasers work both ways.   Actually, the green ones are considered better and have a much higher price tag as well. Red laser sights can be hard to see in daylight. Green ones appear brighter in those conditions. In the same power, green laser is more visible than red laser.   The red ones have been around for a long time because the engineers figured out how to mass produce them before they figured out the green lasers.   Simply because neon green is easier seen by the human eye. Green is a more accepting color for your eyes. Also teacher like red laser.   So, what do you think about?
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