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About the structure of Laser Pointer Pens

Post on: March 20,2019
Laser Pointer Pens are common products in daily life, people use them in many places, it's long range straight spot and laser beam has an outstanding performance, but do you know how these small handheld devices work?If you're the laser pointer hobbist, or you would like to make one yourself, this is some materials could help you. But the best choice is buy from us.The structure graphic of a standard laser pointer pen, it's consist of the host, batteries, pump LD Driver and Laser Module. Laser module is the key part of the whole device, mostly you need to buy it from some notable manufacturers, for example, DPSS. The DPSS Laser Module is consist of pump diode, pump focusing lens, expanding lens, collimating lens and IR filter.Laser diode is the main parts , but buying most of the parts to assemble are not always cheap and it's not easy sometimes, only recommend that DIY when you want to make a special or extremely high power laser device.Normally an handheld laser pointer can better suit your need and not expensive. And widelasers's laser is the best supplier of the laser pointer.

About Us -

Post on: March 13,2019
Today is just to introduce our website, namely: – The World's Most Professional Lasers, Application Devices and Accessories Online Shop. WideLasers is the world's most professional online shop of Laser Pointers, Handheld Laser and Accessories. Integrating with the most advanced laser diode technology into present available lasers. WideLasers is dedicated to offering the world's most variety of lasers for high technology application. It is always the best place for you to get the most qualified, the most reasonable price and reliable quality. Our website's have different colors and frequency as well as output power, so finding a high quality products can easily meet your specific needs. Available in color of green(515nm-532nm), blue(445nm-473nm), red(635nm-650nm), blue violet(405nm),yellow laser(589nm). You also can find many output powers such as 1mw, 5mw, 10mw, 30mw, 50mw, 100mw, 200mw, 300mw, 400mw, 500mw, 1000mw, 2000mw, 3000mw, 5000mw, 10000mw, 30000mw etc with handheld design, are featured by convenient carrying and easy operation. Laser pointers can project intensely bright beam, are greatly applicable in laser presentation, display, astronomy stargazing, fire protection, medical care, earthquake, and laser source for burning and thermal experiment. Its brightness in the day or night can be clearly seen, and applicable in security lighting equipment and equipped with high definition night vision camera function. Remember, these are not toys, pay attention to how to use them correctly.

About the low power laser pointer

Post on: March 03,2019
Since 2012, the red/green 5mw laser pen is still the classic and hottest home laser pointer. It is more powerful than a Level 2 laser pointer and is only suitable for voice prompts. It is also safer than a Level 4 high power laser pointer.Since the power output is stronger than 1mw or below, this 5mw red/green laser pointer can be used in many places: pointing, funny cats, fun, camping, etc. Another reason why it is very popular is easy to get, you can find it in most online stores or local stores.The 5mw laser pen with a powerful 18650 battery also has excellent performance. It can shoot 5 miles or more at night, when you want to point to distant objects, or just for fun, it's great, it's a very good price cool gadget experience.

Laser pointers application

Post on: February 25,2019
The laser pen is not only your pet's toy, it is a more useful and useful tool in your daily life or work. Have you ever thought that the laser pen you bought can help you a lot in many ways, let us find out some for your reference:1. Pointing. Its original purpose was to point things up rather than funny cats, with different power outputs. Laser pens have different laser ranges, some work only in the lecturer's classroom, and some shoot directly to the edge of the sky.2. Toys. Common applications in everyday family life, especially when you have cats or dogs. The laser pointer is a great toy that can be played with your pet and children, but make sure the power is low enough to avoid pointing directly at the eyes.3. Calibration. Few people admit that laser pointers are great for calibration, and a single parallel laser beam can help you calibrate anything you need.4.A laser pointer above 500mw can ignite flammable materials such as matches, cigarettes, rubber and plastic bags. As power increases, you can use it to trigger a distant fireworks fuse, which is safer if you want to do it by hand.5. Night illumination. A laser pointer with an adjustable filter lens will diversify the laser beam and create a beautiful light pattern that feels like a club or bar that inspires your nightlife.6. Astronomy guide. Even a 3-level green laser pointer can point to the constellation. The green laser beam is ideal for reaching the farthest sky and remains visible, which is very helpful for sky observers to watch the stars.7. Experiment. If you want to experience knowledge in the disciplines of optics and physics, laser pointers are the ideal experimental tool. By using it, you will know more about lights and lasers.8. Self-defense. High-power laser pointers are dangerous when you shoot at humans or animals, and it can burn your skin or blind your eyes for a sufficient amount of time. Therefore, like a knife or a gun, the powerful laser pointer is strong enough for self-defense.9. Flash. By changing the lens, the laser pointer can also be used as a flash to provide outdoor visibility during camping or travel.10. Laser saber. That's why many people buy laser pointers for fun. A laser pointer with a special glass tube makes it look like a real laser sword. Although it's not powerful enough to cut something, it's still very attractive. The application of the laser pointer will never end with a list. In fact, people can explore it themselves, and you will find many new things during use.

Why the laser not burn

Post on: February 13,2019
In various high tech and entertainment working fields, laser pointers are always widely used in every corner of the world. Someone might use a laser pointer without any problem more than 2 years. However, laser pointer might also burn out after very short term. Besides self problems of laser pointer, it is also very important to make proper operation of this laser gadget.In formal green laser pointer operation work, it might stop work. Before it needs repairing from laser manufacturer, we might also check possible reasons as below:1. Improper operation of laser pointer. Longer time continuous pointing of laser pointer might cause serious hot and temperature increasing of laser tube. 2. Throw or touch cause damage of laser pointer. Laser pointer is fragile product comparing with others. Improper using such as throwing might cause collision damage of modular structure. Laser pointer might not be able to point normal light.3. Battery installed backwards. Lack of special attention, occasional battery installed anti might cause laser pointer burn out.4. Product itself structure problem. Poor crystal quality and unstable electric circuit design can cause laser pointer problem.

About teh laser style of QK-DS6

Post on: January 31,2019
This type of laser pointer, we currently have 14 models of this type of laser pen, blue(405nm, 450nm, 488nm), red(638nm), green(505nm, 510nm, 520nm, 530nm). They are all very high quality products.The power is also a minimum of 1000 mW and a maximum of 10,000 mW. The power of this model is really not that I am bragging. It is really high power. I won't regret it when I buy it.Laser Pointer Pen High Power Beam Light, it produces a laser beam that is clear, bright and full of energy.The feel is super good, the size is just right, the matte shell looks good.In order to satisfy the pursuit of high power burning laser pointers by laser lovers, we have developed this type laser pointers. And the price is very affordable. There is no virtual height, it is very suitable for customers who try to buy, the key will not let you down.If you want to know more about this product, please click this link:

About High Power 200mW Green Laser Pointer

Post on: January 25,2019
If there is quite serious need of super accurate dot measuring result at quite long work distance. Quite high lighting working occasion, it would be the most challenge job for users before selecting a correct dot measuring tool as expected. When laser tech engineer is developing high power 200mW green dot laser alignment, it is not simply used for formal and temporary dot positioning work. On contrary, after its easy connect with a DC input power supply. This high power 532nm green laser module is mainly workable for accurate dot instruction for all kinds of industrial and high tech dot measuring work effectively.On basis of quite high brightness green laser beam emitting from laser beam aperture, high power 200mW green dot laser alignment is generating super visible green laser beam at several miles far away, which is just able to work with clear enough green reference dot targeting at quite long distance as well. This laser diode module is also being designed with adjustable focus. After quite simple roast of laser beam aperture part, highly intense green laser beam is concentrated into a quite small size green dot, which is always able to make sure of super clear dot instruction on all targeting surfaces conveniently.When users are wearing proper 532nm wavelength preventing laser safety glasses, no matter what kind of working occasion, this high power alignment laser is always ensuring no danger measurement perfectly.

Introduction QK-DS6 laser pointer

Post on: January 17,2019
Recently, many new friends have asked about the role of this baby. This is our new Laser pointer.QK-DS6 1000mw 488nm Waterproof Blue Laser Pointer Pen High Power Beam Light, it produces a Blue laser beam that is clear, bright and full of energy. Its main function is to indicate that it is usually pointed by hand. If the scene is large enough and the distance is far enough, it is impossible to accurately indicate the distant target, and the laser has monochromaticity and focus. Very good, light effect cool, can shoot very far, completely replace us with the finger to indicate, its visual ability to shoot into the sky, so it is also known as the star artifact, can be used as a tourist guide, sales sand table explanation, outdoor adventure , aviation search and rescue and water, land and air sent out distress signals.In addition to playing, we can also do some optical experiments. For example, the three colors of red + green + blue can be combined into a white laser, and the red + green laser can be mixed with a yellow laser. The focus produces thermal energy effects and magical light. Refraction test, etc.I think this three laser pointer is really high powert laser pointer,don't miss it.

Teach you to use an ignitable laser pointer

Post on: January 10,2019
Many customers have said how to adjust the focus to burn quickly. So in this article, we'll look at a detailed guide to using an adjustable combustion laser pointer.1. Wear goggles. This is very important when you are using a high power combustion laser. Make sure your eyes are protected because a strong laser will hurt your eyes while focusing on burning.2. Remove the filter. Filters are used to change the diversity of the laser beam. When you are ready to burn with a laser pointer, remove the cover so you can get a straight laser beam of 1-5 mm diameter, but it may not be strong enough if you want a fast The way to burn things.3. Reverse the focus of the upper head. After removing the cover, the top head of the laser pointer body can be rotated. By twisting the head, the laser beam lines will change and cross each other. Now find the intersection of most of the laser beam lines, which is the best place to burn.4. Put the matches, cigarettes, or other things you want to burn in focus, and soon burn off the objects and emit smoke, and within a few seconds, the objects will be hot enough to ignite.If you have further questions about this process, you can contact us for further assistance with

The purpose of some people buying laser pointers

Post on: January 03,2019
Many people now come to buy laser pointers, because the purpose of laser pointers is very wide. If you don't know the purpose of laser pointers, please see the introduction of this article.Teacher/Lecturer - For classroom instruction, it is like an infinite extension of the pointer, allowing you to easily indicate any position on the blackboard in any corner of the classroom without having to walk around the blackboard.Business People / Conference Spokesperson - For product presentations and conference presentations, make your presentations free and communicate with customers more easily and naturally.Showroom/Guide - When you are helpless with the goal of “Tifficult to reach”, it can help you get the target out easily and accurately.Wild Traveler/Explorer - Conduct wilderness adventures, direct distant targets and send distress signals to make your trip more enjoyable and safe.Astronomy Enthusiast - For the astronomical star, the green laser beam is a very beautiful green line that is suitable for observation in the night sky and can help you point out the position of the star.Construction site/mining site - For remote and accurate indication of buildings, you can avoid being close to dangerous areas, making you like a field conductor.Self-defense - When you are hit by a dangerous animal in the mountains, or when a criminal robs, your life and property are threatened, you can use a laser pointer to defend, you can use a high-power laser pointer to scare the enemy.In addition, I want to emphasize that the laser pen is not a toy, the laser is a dangerous thing, do not use the laser pen as a toy for children.
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