Laser Pointer FAQ(3)

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How much is laser pointer speed?

Ordinary light propagation speed in the air is 300,000 meters per second. Laser propagation velocity in air is 300,000,000 meters per second. Laser propagation velocity in the air is 3/4 of vacuum. Laser propagation velocity in the glass is 2/3 of vacuum.

Safety measures of laser pointer operation:

● Laser pointer at room temperature can up to the brightest begin using. The continuous lighting should not exceed 30 seconds.

● Laser is harmful to eyes. Do not air at eyes illumination. Please wear appropriate laser safety goggles indoors or close to the blue laser pointer. Avoid direct pointing of laser pointer at eyes. Laser irradiation up 30mW cannot face the human body, in order to avoid accidental injury.

● Keep laser pointer away from children, and prevent danger from the improper use of laser pointer. Remove the battery and saved when laser pointer is not in use.

● Please pay attention to battery or replace battery if found severely reduce of brightness of laser beam.

● Do not continuous light laser too long (especially green laser), in summer it is best no more than 30 seconds.

Please immediately stop use until it is completely cool if you feel laser pointer is hot. The best time to use high powered laser pointers in controlled time of 1 minute, turn off 5 minutes for cooling and then open. It can prevent excessive aging of laser pointer, or laser diode damage caused by overheating. These indications can protect laser pointers a longer serving lifetime.

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