Laser Pointer FAQ(2)

Post on: April 23,2019 By Widerlaser Category: Laser pointer introduction

Why laser diode and crystal of laser pointer can be easily burnt out?

Long working hours is a key point which can cause laser diode burnt out. Due to long working hours, laser temperature increases with the increase of working hours, resulting in damage to the laser diode and crystal.

When laser pointers require preheating? Laser pointer crystal is composed of yttrium vanadate crystals (YVO4), of which yttrium vanadate crystals are very sensitive to temperature, stable operating temperature at 20 ° -30 °, yttrium vanadate crystals stimulate operating temperature 20 °. When the outside temperature is below 20 °, yttrium vanadate crystal would be difficult to start. The lower the ambient temperature, the longer startup time will be spent on laser pointers.

Why green laser pointer power will decay at a high temperature?

Green laser pointer consists of 808nm laser diode and crystal, operating temperature of 25°, laser diode wavelength 808nm±2nm. When operating temperature is up 25 °, laser diode wavelength will be shorter, thus laser power reduces along with wavelength change. The longer the operation time of laser pointer, the higher the temperature and the power will also decay.

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