Laser Pointer FAQ (1)

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What is the difference between red and green laser pointer?

Wavelength difference. Red laser wavelength is between 635nm to 780nm. Green laser wavelength is 515nm, 520nm and 532nm.

Different light emitting mode. Red laser pointer emit light directly from laser diode, without extract devices. It emits bright light directly from red laser diode. 532nm green laser light is emitting from 808nm laser diode pump crystal.

Why blue violet laser pointer light spot is very weak?

According to the principle of lasers, in case of same power, the shorter wavelength laser pointer can emit brighter light than longer wavelength one. However, the perspective of 532nm wavelength light is more easily absorbed and more sensitive, light emitting from 405nm blue violet laser looks much weaker to human eyes.

Why red laser beam is not as visible as green laser?

Shorter wavelength laser has great loss in the atmosphere, thus green laser pointer is more easily visible than red laser beam. Green laser light is more easily absorbed by dust in the air, green laser pointer is more easily reflective, and thus beam of green laser pointer is much more visible than red laser pointer.

How long can green laser pointer can be lighted?

The continuous lighting time of green laser pointers will vary depending on output power. Portable green laser can be lighted within 10 seconds under formal working temperature of (25 °). If operating time is extended, the output power might be increased in attenuation, until not bright. Long operation time can destroy laser diode and crystal, or even burn out laser diode.

Industrial alignment laser can be operated 24 hours continuously a day under room temperature and correct cooling system. The portion of alignment laser should be fixed in operation.

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