Introduction QK-DS6 laser pointer

Post on: January 17,2019 By Widerlaser Category: Laser pointer introduction

Recently, many new friends have asked about the role of this baby. This is our new Laser pointer.QK-DS6 1000mw 488nm Waterproof Blue Laser Pointer Pen High Power Beam Light, it produces a Blue laser beam that is clear, bright and full of energy.

Its main function is to indicate that it is usually pointed by hand. If the scene is large enough and the distance is far enough, it is impossible to accurately indicate the distant target, and the laser has monochromaticity and focus. Very good, light effect cool, can shoot very far, completely replace us with the finger to indicate, its visual ability to shoot into the sky, so it is also known as the star artifact, can be used as a tourist guide, sales sand table explanation, outdoor adventure , aviation search and rescue and water, land and air sent out distress signals.

In addition to playing, we can also do some optical experiments. For example, the three colors of red + green + blue can be combined into a white laser, and the red + green laser can be mixed with a yellow laser. The focus produces thermal energy effects and magical light. Refraction test, etc.

I think this three laser pointer is really high powert laser pointer,don't miss it.

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