Laser Pointer Usage Taboo

Post on: November 23,2018 By Widerlaser Category: Laser pointer introduction

1. The laser is harmful to the human eye. Do not direct it to the human eye. Please keep away from children to avoid accidents. When using the laser indoors or at close range, wear a laser-shield of the appropriate wavelength. Avoid direct beaming to the eyes.

2. Please do not illuminate the laser for a long time (especially the  green laser). It is best not to exceed 30 seconds in the summer. If you  feel the laser flashlight or the pen is hot, please stop it immediately  until it is completely cooled.

3.  When using in winter, the green laser may need to be warmed up for a  period of time to achieve the best brightness. It can be placed in the  pocket and then put into the battery. The continuous lighting time  should not exceed 1 minute. In order to prevent the laser from aging too soon, or overheating, it will cause damage to the laser LD or the module.

4. In the art gallery, because some paintings may be afraid of light, it is not suitable to use a laser pointer.

5, in the zoo, in order to avoid scaring animals, should not use a laser pointer.

6. When astronomy enthusiasts use a laser pointer to point to the  star, they should pay attention to it. They should not use the star pen  frequently and for a long time, so as not to hinder other people from  watching stars and photography.

7. In public places where there are many people, in order to avoid  accidental injury to others, the laser pointer should be stopped.

8.  Some high-power laser pointers have obvious thermal effects and cannot  be used continuously for a long time, especially for solid-state lasers  that are sensitive to temperature.

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