How to choose the best handheld laser pointer

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If you are a buyer of a laser pen, you will find changes in laser color, output power, design features, visibility differences and accessories.

Finding the right handheld laser for your application may be difficult.

Here, we will learn some basic knowledge of lasers and how to consider using different lasers according to individual needs.

Visible laser indicators usually vary from 405nm (violet) to 650nm (red). Most hand-held lasers you may be familiar with are in the visible range. The brightest color of the human eye is 532nm green light.

Therefore, at the same output power, the brightness of the green laser will be 5 to 7 times higher than that of any other laser color.

Therefore, the brightness of 200MW green 532nm laser indicator will be 7 times higher than that of 200MW 405nm purple laser and 5 times higher than that of red or blue laser.

If you have ever worked in the laser market, you may be familiar with the fact that lasers of certain intensity or higher have certain combustion capacity.

The burning laser will be able to light matches, eject balloons, cut electronic tape, etch certain types of wood, fuses, etc.

However, the intensity of the laser determines the combustion ability of a single laser, not the color. light beam

The blue laser above 1000 MW is most suitable for combustion.

The higher the power, the stronger the combustion ability.

If you are looking for a burning hand-held laser, make sure that the laser indicator you purchased is a high-power laser indicator.

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