How to choose a best green laser pointer

Post on: November 09,2018 By Widerlaser Category: Laser pointer introduction

  1. Carefully observe the green laser spot in a dark place. If there is a clear floodlight, the laser light lens will fail.
  2. Check if the green laser spot is a complete dot, usually in the 2mm diameter range.
  3. Check if the green laser pointer's laser beam brightness changes from bright to dark. If so, there may be problems with the laser pointer board and the laser diode.

The 5mw green laser pen belongs to the Class IIia laser with a wavelength of 532nm and uses two aaa batteries. This green laser projects a 532 nm green laser beam with high brightness and is therefore extremely dangerous to the eye, especially high power lasers. In many countries and regions, only 5mw of green laser pointers are allowed.

Wild travel, hiking and adventure. Outdoor enthusiasts can use the green laser pointer for long-range target aiming and rescue signal pain.

Mining and construction workers can use the green laser pointer for accurate and precise projection and measure over long distances. It avoids access to dangerous areas.

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