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   For most people are no stranger to laser pointer, large laser launchers, their intensity is not the same purpose is also very different. There are a variety of laser products on the market, one of which is a laser pointer, and the most popular one is the green laser pointer. Not only because of its own color, but also because of its use of power, so it has been very warm in all fields. Today is the main introduction of green laser pointer.

   Green laser pen is the world's most popular laser pointer, because the green light 6 times brighter than the red, the beam is more obvious than the red, but the price is much cheaper than the blue. Therefore, laser pen users generally use a green pen.
Compared with the red laser pointer, green has a higher efficiency.

   At night, the laser pen is often used by astronomy enthusiasts for pointing stars and constellations. Green laser pen can have a variety of output power, and is also visible in dark lighting, so if it is used for pointing is not particularly strong power.

   Green laser in the daytime is also very obvious, precisely because of this, so the relative power consumption is relatively large.In the choice of battery issues should also be cautious, don't to choose cheap battery, quality is also very important.

   There is also to require our users to pay special attention to safety, the laser pointer can not be facing the eyes or other vulnerable parts, but also to prevent laser reflection into the eyes.

   In general the green focal length of the adjustable focus will be with double protection switch so not only to protect the eyes but also to prevent children from accidentally using a laser pointer to play .

   The end,I want to recommend this one: 1000mw 301 Green 532nm Powerful Burning Laser Pointer kits

   This one laser has including keys,it good to protect your kids and eyes.

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