Green Laser Pointer of 532nm

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   In general, a green laser pointer can be used to output light directed to a 532 nm laser wavelength, which is obtained from a 1064 nm infrared laser frequency. It is the most commonly used laser and is more complex than a laser pointer made from a standard laser diode (such as a red, blue or blue violet laser pointer).

   The 532nm laser pointer projects the brightest, brightest green light at night and during the day. Unlike laser pointers made with direct diodes, the laser conversion efficiency of the 532nm green laser pointer is not 100%.

   All green laser pointers should be added to the laser beam filter to prevent the 1064 nm infrared laser. The actual output power of the green laser pointer should be the power of the projected 532 nm green laser.

   In fact, the 532nm green laser pen without an infrared filter did not achieve the desired actual output power.

   However, when we do not see the laser radiation of a 532 nm green laser, the stealth infrared laser may come out of the laser aperture. Laser users should not stare at the beam from the 532nm green laser pointer because once the infrared laser is pointed at the eye, this is very dangerous. Once the eyeball is exposed to this powerful infrared laser, the 1064nm invisible infrared laser may cause blindness.

   The correct way to measure the output power of a 532nm green laser pointer is to add a 1064nm laser filter before using the laser power meter.

   The green laser has high design power and large heat dissipation. When the operating temperature is too high, it will be affected. When the operating temperature is too high, it will be affected. In addition, the 532nm green laser pointer can be turned off at high operating temperatures to protect the internal blue laser diode from burnout.

   A shoddy green laser pointer usually does not have a protective circuit module. Therefore, the green laser pointer will extinguish after a long period of continuous indication, which is usually restored after the temperature is lowered. Whenever people operate the 532nm green laser pointer, they always need to be cautious about the visible light beam and enjoy the laser fan at will.

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