Fight between Canadians and geese

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   According to research, the fight between Canadians and geese has always existed and people hope to find a way to get rid of geese without harming it.
   In the past, "scarecrows" had been used to repel geese, which were effective at first, but they did not work for a long time and people fell into panic again.
   Later, some people found by chance, goose feared laser, especially the green laser, very low-power can also play a role.
   Because can not harm the goose, so only need a low-power laser pointer on it, just play a driving role, the same, for birds.
   Need to know,high power laser not to used to geese,it will harm to the animal.
   In general, a low-power laser pointer like a short range and requires only 532 nm to be sufficient without affecting the aircraft. I think 200 mw 532 nm is the best to do this.
   Speaking of this, I would like to recommend one laser that I think is effective to use,
   Goose is very laser-sensitive of green laser, as long as it shines on the goose's eyes, the goose will walk away, and we are using a low-powered laser pointer that will only make the goose afraid and walk away without harming the goose and protecting himself and flowers and grass security.
   Canadian geese are a major problem for farmers because they destroy large areas of crops such as wheat and barley. And by too close to drive the goose, it is vulnerable to goose attacks.
   There have been instances when people were close to geese to drive it and were hurt by geese, so this approach is not feasible.
   So the laser pen has brought them the benefits, even if standing in the distance, you can use the laser pen to drive the geese.
   If you are also suffering from gooses or birds, you can try it.

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