Drive birds without hurting them

Post on: April 04,2019 By Widerlaser Category: Laser pointer introduction

Vultures are protected species, and the USDA-certified strategy is to intimidate it and leave them alone without harming them.

The US Department of Agriculture estimates that approximately 300 vultures live in the Granville and Denison campuses. And in addition to disrupting HVAC projects and different machines, it can also cause damage to the roof.

According to some sources, the vulture caused a loss of about 50,000 dollars in 12 months.

After several weeks of investigations, the US Department of Agriculture decided to deploy three teams, using laser lights, fireworks and electronic windsocks to further demonstrate the unwelcome nature of the environment. Lasers have played a big role in this task.

They are smart, hospitable animals that neatly respond to tactics that they think are unpopular. You can also directly laser instructions on birds. We found that green pointers are more practical than red pointers.

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