Do you know what difference color laser pointers used for

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   There are many different color laser pointers on the market such as red laser pointer, green laser pointer, blue laser pointer, blue violet laser pointer and so on. So today, I want to discuss some about different color laser has different use.

   The red laser pointers, also, more people know. Red laser mainly based on low power are usually used in teaching projection , business meetings and so on. Because the red dot is warm, and not very bright.

   About green laser is light laser and the beam can focus to burning. Also because of the ligh is bright and the light is very clear so astronomy enthusiasts like to use green laser pointers to point fixed stars and constellation.

   About blue laser in our web most of the blue laser pointers are of high power type, because the speed of light in blue is very beautiful and the cost is very high. For high-power blue laser pointers, it can be used to kill insects in the aquarium. Which one, you can consult customer service, so when you buy, you usually take a set of glasses. Protecting the eyes is very important.

   By the way, though laser pointers are very useful, but we must use them carefully because they are harmful to our eyes.

   Blue violet laser pointer is update of blue laser pointer, but the laser beam is very very beautiful, like blue also like purple.

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