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   If you have bought a burning laser can have a look, ready to buy more to see. Now more and more customers tell us that the laser they buy does not burn. So in order to let more customers understand the dangers of poor quality laser pointer and eliminate some misunderstandings, we found the following some information about the laser pointer.

   First: The color of the laser beam is determined by the wavelength of the light emitted by the laser diode in the laser pointer. Our green laser pointer emits only green light. Green is the most obvious color of the human eye. This makes the light beam emitted by the laser pointer very bright.

   Second: poor quality green laser pointer not only emits green light, but also emit infrared light. The infrared light can not be seen by the naked eye, so the light beams from these poor quality laser pointers will not be particularly bright and dangerous.

   Many people will ask why a poor quality laser pointer will have 200mW of power, but the actual power is not as bright as a 50mW laser. As we just said, these laser pointers emit a lot of infrared light, and you can not see the infrared light to make them less bright.
The 200 mW power stage of a poor quality laser pointer usually consists of most of the infrared light. In the widelasers.com laser pointer 50mw is 50mw.

   The real green laser pointer has an infrared filter inside it to block infrared light. Fake laser pointer less this filter. Without this filter, these laser pointers are very dangerous. You may hurt your eyes. So, if you have a dull, high-power laser pointer, destroy it now because it is dangerous to your health. Poor green laser pointers typically only work for 30 to 50 hours and then become useless.

   The only benefit of buying a low-quality green laser pointer is that it takes more thought on the package and neglects the quality of the laser pointer, so take a laser pointer or look at the quality!

   The same price than quality, the same quality than the price!

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