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Here we would like to introduce our new CNI GLP-589 5mw 589nm Yellow Laser pointer Pen. Adopting high quality aluminum alloy, this Yellow laser pointer pen is durable in use. With lightweight and handy design, it is very convenient to put in bags or pockets.

The spectrum of the yellow laser propagates between 589 nm and 594 nm, and manufacturers have long wanted to effectively reproduce these amazing colors. This is achieved by pumping IR laser diodes into crystals and optical arrays to achieve a wider spectrum of lasers.

The yellow pointer appeared less than five years, and with the development of new technologies and innovations, yellow laser technology has been successfully transferred to the portable laser pointer format.

Laser enthusiasts now have exclusive ownership of amber and yellow at an affordable price. Like the color of the sun, the 589nm yellow wavelength small laser pointer technology can be a beautiful representation of the laser industry.

For manufacturers and enthusiasts who want to add more spectrum to laser or laser pointer acquisition, they have become one of the dominant wavelengths.

The laser yellow laser beam and its propagation process are milestones in the laser industry's achievements. As production and penetration increase, lasers become cheaper and cheaper. Currently, the industry is seeing the latest developments in the world's first green laser diode development. Achieve higher stability, higher output and longer laser diode life.

There is no doubt that the yellow laser pointer stays here, only time will tell when they will be common.

Here is one yellow laser pointer of our websit:https://www.widelasers.com/p/cni-glp-589-5mw-589nm-yellow-laser-pointer-pen-371.html

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