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Today is just to introduce our website, namely: https://www.widelasers.com/

WideLasers – The World's Most Professional Lasers, Application Devices and Accessories Online Shop. WideLasers is the world's most professional online shop of Laser Pointers, Handheld Laser and Accessories. Integrating with the most advanced laser diode technology into present available lasers.

WideLasers is dedicated to offering the world's most variety of lasers for high technology application. It is always the best place for you to get the most qualified, the most reasonable price and reliable quality.

Our website's have different colors and frequency as well as output power, so finding a high quality products can easily meet your specific needs. Available in color of green(515nm-532nm), blue(445nm-473nm), red(635nm-650nm), blue violet(405nm),yellow laser(589nm). You also can find many output powers such as 1mw, 5mw, 10mw, 30mw, 50mw, 100mw, 200mw, 300mw, 400mw, 500mw, 1000mw, 2000mw, 3000mw, 5000mw, 10000mw, 30000mw etc with handheld design, are featured by convenient carrying and easy operation.

Laser pointers can project intensely bright beam, are greatly applicable in laser presentation, display, astronomy stargazing, fire protection, medical care, earthquake, and laser source for burning and thermal experiment. Its brightness in the day or night can be clearly seen, and applicable in security lighting equipment and equipped with high definition night vision camera function.

Remember, these are not toys, pay attention to how to use them correctly.

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