About the structure of Laser Pointer Pens

Post on: March 20,2019 By Widerlaser Category: Laser pointer introduction

Laser Pointer Pens are common products in daily life, people use them in many places, it's long range straight spot and laser beam has an outstanding performance, but do you know how these small handheld devices work?

If you're the laser pointer hobbist, or you would like to make one yourself, this is some materials could help you. But the best choice is buy from us.

The structure graphic of a standard laser pointer pen, it's consist of the host, batteries, pump LD Driver and Laser Module. Laser module is the key part of the whole device, mostly you need to buy it from some notable manufacturers, for example, DPSS. The DPSS Laser Module is consist of pump diode, pump focusing lens, expanding lens, collimating lens and IR filter.

Laser diode is the main parts , but buying most of the parts to assemble are not always cheap and it's not easy sometimes, only recommend that DIY when you want to make a special or extremely high power laser device.

Normally an handheld laser pointer can better suit your need and not expensive. And widelasers's laser is the best supplier of the laser pointer.

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